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Weight Loss Surgery Benefits In India

Overview If you want to lose weight and no matter how much you try it seems like an impossible challenge for you. Exercising and dieting seems to be of no help and leaving you disappointed. Good food brings satisfaction to soul it makes you feel...
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Overweight and Obesity: Home Remedies Vs. Surgical Procedure

Overview “Overweight” and “Obesity” refers to body weight that is greater than which is considered healthy for a certain height. The useful measure of overweight and obesity is the BMI (Body Mass Index) which is calculated from the height and weight. Obesity and overweight is...
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Obesity Surgery India- Towards a new you

Too much or too less of anything is against the natural form of balance and can be chaotic. The thought is apt for all things in the world, be it population, technology, emotions, or food. Unbalanced/unhealthy  diet, meager physical activities worsen the existing medical conditions...
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