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Mrs. Anderson, Dubai
Rhinoplasty India

Rhinoplasty Surgery performed on Dubai National in Mumbai, in India


rhinoplasty surgery India,rhinoplasty surgery Mumbai,rhinoplasty Hello. I am Mr. Anderson. Recently my wife got her Rhinoplasty Surgery in India at Mumbai. She was not happy about her nose and would put a lot of make up to camouflage the flaws. But we were looking for a more permanent solution to it. So she decided to get a Rhinoplasty Surgery. We chose India because we had heard about the flourishing medical tourism in India. We surfed the internet and came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare Group. We called them up and they arranged everything. They also helped us out with the visa procedure. With the help of Forerunners Healthcare Group my wife got her Rhinoplasty Surgery in India at one of the best hospitals in Mumbai.


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At the hospital, we noticed that many patients were from foreign countries. The doctors, surgeons and the nurses were very kind and the communication was very easy as all of them spoke good English. My wife’s Rhinoplasty Surgery in India was performed by one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country. The results she got after the surgery has exceeded our expectations. After getting Rhinoplasty Surgery in India, my wife’s nose looks perfect and she doesn’t need to put layers of make up anymore. I think we made the right decision by getting my wife’s Rhinoplasty Surgery in India and would suggest the same to all those who are looking for medical treatment overseas.


Mrs Anderson