About Us

ForerunnersHealthCareLooking for a Medical Treatment at affordable prices and want the best quality? Visiting India and need a reliable doctor? Forerunners Healthcare Consultants – the pioneers of Medical Tourism to India offer services to the health-seeking patients and family. This website is designed to provide our visitors with up to date information and resources about the rapidly growing industry known as ” MEDICAL TOURISM ” and how Forerunners Healthcare can help you to make educated and well-informed decisions regarding medical, health, travel and logistics requirements in India.

The concept of medical tourism to India gained popularity almost a decade back and summarized in an equation can be simply put forward as – MEDI TOUR TO INDIA = SURGERY AT ECONOMICAL PRICES + SAVE CONSIDERABLE MONEY & ALSO ENJOY A VACATION

Forerunners is the first government registered medical tourism company of India that offers vast range of medical and health care services at highly affordable cost. We have close ties with the most renowned hospitals of India that have hi-tech equipments, state-of-the-art comforts and facilities, skilled doctors and compassionate and dedicated nurses. We completely understand your anxieties and doubts in having surgery or treatment abroad and hence we bring you the most skilled and experienced team of health professionals of Indian healthcare industry. Our hospitals are stretched over more than 15 cities of India and with

more than 5,000 healthcare over more than 15 cities of India over more than 15 cities of India and with more than 5,000 healthcare experts. We take complete care of our patients when they travel to India for medical and health care services.

Forerunners have established a standing of the best medical travel company of India. Forerunners arrange and facilitate patient’s flight, hotel accommodation and schedule their surgery. In addition to our medical services, we also provide complete transport, travel, accommodation and tourist assistance to the health seeking individual and his family. You as a patient is invited to take a tour of the site, understand your needs for health and take the best decision for yourself. Please ask us your required queries and we will provide with the best possible solutions for your health and medical travel. We will make sure that your medi tour in India remains trouble-free and peaceful so that you return contented to your home country