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Top 10 Kidney Transplant Doctors in India

By | March 25, 2022

1) What should you know about kidney transplants? The kidney is the most important part of our body, as it removes or filters waste from the body and helps the body pass the wastes as urine. A kidney transplant is performed when you suffer from kidney failure. The treatment from kidney failure is dialysis or… Read More »

Plan your ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant India to get no holes in your wallet

By | November 21, 2018

If you are wondering about ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant India then make a note that ABO-incompatible (ABO) transplantation is among the methods of allocation in organ (liver) transplantation, which permits more effective use of the available organs (in this case liver) irrespective of the ABO blood type. With affordable cost of incompatible kidney transplant India… Read More »

Get a Kidney Transplant done by the most proficient Kidney Transplant specialists in India

By | July 10, 2018

Who want to get Kidney Transplant Surgery? Kidney Transplantation also known as Renal Transplantation can be the best treatment options for patients suffering from End-Stage Kidney Failure; irrespective of the reason behind it. At the same time, such patients should have well-functioning heart and lungs and should not be suffering from any other medical condition… Read More »