Why Choose to Us for Cancer Treatment in India?

By | November 27, 2017

We are Trusted Medical Consultant in India

We are Trusted Medical Consultant in india

Forerunners Healthcare is a trusted medical consultant in India providing affordable cancer treatment at the top Indian hospitals. We have association with the best cancer surgeons and doctors who are highly qualified and have vast experience to provide the best cancer treatment in India. If you are deciding where to seek cancer treatment in India, Forerunners Healthcare provides you with many options. Below are some of reasons why choose to us for cancer treatment in India.

Associated with Top Hospital Groups

Associated with Top Hospitals Groups

Our greatest strength is association with the top hospital groups in India that translate to today’s promising laboratory findings, more effective and less traumatic cancer treatments. Over the years, the top hospitals in India have pioneered countless medical advances and the patients from abroad benefits from the quest to receive only the best of medical treatments for minimizing and eliminating the cancer. These cancer treatments also give them the best chance at a high quality of life afterwards. Our state of the art patient care, latest equipments and infrastructures and the highest quality are at par with the international standards hence offer treatment opportunities to the patients with difficult or aggressive tumors.

We have Best Team of Oncologist

We have Best Team of Oncologist in India

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Forerunners Healthcare is a renowned medical consultant in India that has connection with the best team of oncologist having immense experience of over two decades to eliminate cancer. Their depth of experience informs every aspect of patient care. Our team of oncologist focus exclusively on cancer and have treated more rare cancers during their years of experience. This means no matter what your diagnosis is they provide you expert care at the best hospitals for cancer care in India. Our oncologists are frequently recognized as the best in the country providing each patient with tailor treatment for the cancer with best possible outcome.

Our Assistance to the Patients Coming from Abroad

Our Assistance to International Patients

At Forerunners Healthcare, we provide the following assistance to the patients coming from abroad:

  • Medial visa assistance
  • Scheduling appointment at the best hospital for radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, timings and special care
  • Internationally accredited hospitals with latest technologies providing cancer treatment in India
  • Highly qualified team of oncologists, cancer surgeons, nurses and hospital staff
  • Cancer treatment cost in India is quite affordable in India as compared to the cost of the treatment in the US
  • No waiting list
  • Fluent English speaking staff
  • Arranging accommodation, health diet as per your budget
  • Patients will be taken to the rehabilitation programs and centers
  • If needed the patients will be taken for drive to nearby scenic places in between their chemotherapy treatments
  • Our nurses are dedicated and provide utmost attention and quality care to the patients from abroad
  • Can be easily combined with a holiday or business trip
  • Our hospitals uses front line diagnostic technology

We Are the best Medical service provider in India

We are the best Medical Facilator in India

Forerunners Healthcare is the best medical service provider in India that has been assisting the patients seeking affordable cancer treatments for over a decade. Our association with the best cancer hospitals and the top oncologists provide excellent outcomes for cancer treatment in India. Our cancer network involves a unique cancer support group of over 1,300 current and former patients who offer the right patient to patient advice and encouragement. Our group offers complementary programs to help the non medical dimensions of living with cancer. Our medical program can anticipate, recognize and manage the potential health problems arising from cancer and its treatments. We also provide programs, counselling services and information to help the patients from abroad seeking their cancer treatment in India. These programs help them make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent cancer and its recurrence.

Forerunners Healthcare group assists the patients and their attendants with their medical visas, accommodation, travel, transport, meals, appointment, etc. We take care of planning your entire medical trip to India from the point of first contact till our patients reach back to their home post cancer treatment in India. To avail the benefits of undergoing your cancer treatment in India at the best hospitals offering utmost care and maintaining ethics to meet your needs, you can get in touch with us. To grab a budget friendly cancer treatment in India, with Forerunners Healthcare, send your query to our Email Address: enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com or call us at our International Helpline Number +91-9371136499 and our executive will get back to you for further interaction.

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