The Most Ideal Questionnaire for your Bariatric Surgeon

By | January 23, 2020

Choosing the best healthcare center for your bariatric surgery does not necessarily mean that you will undergo a successful surgery as the role of a bariatric surgeon plays a more significant role. Hence undergoing bariatric surgery under an expert bariatric surgeon is very important. Following are some questions which shall enable you to know if you have found the right surgeon for your surgery:

How experienced are you?

More the experience of the surgeon more the knowledge and expertise. Experience doesn’t mean the number of surgeries carried out by the surgeon but the years of practice he or she has had. The patient also needs to make sure that the surgeon does not perform excessive number of surgeries as these make the doctors more tired and reduces their focus for the next surgery.

Which Surgery Type Would be Ideal for Me?

A certain type of surgery may be ideal for a patient and risky for another. A type of surgery is dependent on various factors which include the past medical history, weight reduction measures taken in past, age, current health and any additional abnormalities or diseases. Thus what would be the most ideal type of surgery for you, should be one of the most important questions to the surgeon. You can know the expertise of the surgeon upon the judgment that he has given.

How Will the Recommended Surgery Help Me Lose Weight?

Dr. Palep briefs his patients with all the positive effects of the surgery on the weight. Not every Bariatric Surgery will provide the same type of effects or the same extent of weight loss. Thus after you have finalized the type of surgery to undergo with your Best Obesity Surgeons in Mumbai, the next question to the specialist should be regarding the effects of the same on your weight or how exactly it is going to help you in losing weight.

What Resources are available At Your Disposal?

It is very much necessary for your bariatric surgeon to have hospital privileges or facilities for the patients that have chosen to undergo surgery with him. Dr. Jaydeep Palep is one of the best bariatric surgeon in Mumbai, India and is offering his services at the very famous Nanavati Hospital, which itself is known for its state of the art facility and advanced surgeries.

What Are Your Complication Rates?

Generally, the complication rates are defined on the basis of the procedure undertaken for the patient and its possible effects on it. However, the expertise of the doctor too can affect the rate of complications in cases of bariatric surgeries. Dr. Palep is known to have 1.6% rate of complication for severe cases of gastric bypass surgery, 2.2% for gastric sleeve surgery and 0.9% for gastric band surgery.

Do You Have Pre- and Post-Operative Care?

Undergoing a successful bariatric surgical procedure does not mean that the job is done. One needs to give enough time and care for the body to recover from the procedure and proper measures are also to be taken by the experts for the surgery to give wholesome successful results. Thus it is very important for the patient to ask whether the bariatric surgeon can avail good pre and post-operative care in his or her medical center. Dr. Palep being a part of one of the most prestigious healthcare center makes sure that his patients get proper pre and post-operative care.

Could the Surgery Affect My Other Health Problems?

Sometimes the sole purpose of the patients is to shed weight and they do not pay heed to what effect the surgery might have on the already existing disorders of the body. Thus the patient should question the surgeon if the chosen form of bariatric surgery can have any adverse effects on the underlying tissues of the body. Dr. Palep is widely known not just for carrying out best surgery but also suggesting ones that are ideal and suitable for any issues of the patient undergoing bariatric surgery.