Organ Transplant India- Sharing Life

By | September 13, 2014

Best Organ Transplant TreatmentPeople around the world give all sorts of things as charity for the underprivileged and the underfunded organizations. Basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter are important for a proper life, but sometimes it needs more than that. Sometimes a life can be saved with giving a part of you. Kindness and compassion always work, but there’s something tangible that does the job. Our organs. This is not something we all don’t know about. Organ donations are being performed since several years. But only a few countries with more efficient human resources and medical infrastructure undertake them since sometimes, the life of two people are at stake.

An organ transplant is a surgery to replace a person’s failed organ with another person’s working part of that organ. The donated organ can be Affordable organ transplantreceived from someone who has died and had signed for donor registry or told their family of donating their organs. Many of the organs like heart, liver, kidney, lung, intestine can be transplanted from a living or deceased donor. Surgeries involving organ donation from living donors are generally uncommon. Transplant is a treatment option that can elongate one’s life by several years or even give a completely new lease of life. Before receiving a transplant, a series of medical tests are performed to determine whether the person is a good candidate for the transplant. The patient needs to be cancer-free and without any active infections.

The experts discuss the details of the transplant procedure with the patient and his/her attendants. Time taken by every person to recover from the surgery depends on the individual. Patients are given immune-suppressive drugs so that their body doesn’t reject the new organ. The drugs are typically administered for as long as the transplant functions, and may be changed or modified as decided by the doctor. There are many people on a transplant care team, contributing to the patient’s care. The patient is expected to take utmost care of himself, by educating himself, raising queries and getting answers to all his questions. Doubts are not good before any surgery. It’s good to share one’s concerns, and have someone from the family of friends for support.

The beauty of an organ transplant is that more than one organ can be transplanted at a time. For instance, a heart and lung transplant is possible.  Before any transplant, the experts perform several tests since not everyone is a good candidate for an organ transplant. People with an infection, heart disease not under control, a drug or alcohol problem, or any another serious health problem are not good transplant candidates.  Transplants are more successful today than before with time, technology and innovations. The transplantation procedure’s success depends on the organ being transplanted, number of organs being transplanted, disorder causing organ failure. Also the type of treatment procedure depends on it.

Benefits of Organ Transplant Preparing for an organ transplant can be difficult. The process begins with blood and tissue tests performed to find a suitable donor, to check if the patient’s immune system rejects it. Higher the number of matches with the donor, higher are the chances of the body accepting the new organ.  Patients are often advised to continue their medication as prescribed and undergo blood tests at regular rates. If you wish to learn more about the transplant and life after it, talk to someone who has had one. Your transplant center or doctor will help you with the name of someone willing to share his/her experience with you.

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