Top 10 Kidney Transplant Doctors in India

By | April 1, 2020

Top 10 Kidney Transplant Doctors in India

1) What should you know about kidney transplants?

The kidney is the most important part of our body, as it removes or filters waste from the body and helps the body pass the wastes as urine. A kidney transplant is performed when you suffer from kidney failure. The treatment from kidney failure is dialysis or transplant surgery. During the kidney transplant surgery, the healthy kidney is placed in the place of the damaged kidney. The transplant surgery offers more freedom and a better quality of life than dialysis.

2) What are the symptoms after your kidney fails?

Most importantly the harmful waste in your body will build up that will lead to

  • High blood pressure
  • Weak bones
  • Decreased blood cells
  • Fluid buildup
  • Salta and acids in blood getting out of balance
  • Affect the heart, brain, and skeleton

There are even some common causes of kidney failure-

  • If you are diabetic
  • If Chronic, uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Polystic kidney disease
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis

3) Who are the Top Kidney Transplant Doctors in India?

Here are the list of top 10 surgeons for a kidney transplant in India are-

Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat

 Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat – Top Kidney Transplant Surgeon in India

Education: MBBS, MS- General Surgery, MCh- Urology

Hospital: Medanta-The Medicity, Gurugram

Experience: 44 years

Specialty: Urologist

Connect With Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat

Dr Rajesh Ahlawat is most renowned and has pioneered world-first Robotic Kidney Transplant with regional Hypothermia technique. He is working on spreading awareness about robotic technology around the world. Dr Ahlawat establishes a successful minimally invasive urology program with kidney transplant and robotic surgery that outcomes best in the world. He has established four successful urology and renal transplant programs in India at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, Fortis Hospitals, New Delhi, and Medanta, the Medicity, Gurgaon.

Dr. Sanjay Gogoi

 Dr. Sanjay Gogoi – Best Kidney Transplant Surgeon in India

Education: MBBS, MS- General Surgery, MCh- urology

Hospital: Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, Delhi

Experience: 20 years

Specialty: Urology

Connect With Dr. Sanjay Gogoi

Dr. Sanjay Gogoi is a specialized surgeon in renal transplantation, robotic constructive urology, transurethral incision of the prostate, and congenital defects. Dr Gogoi holds expertise in robotic-assisted transplantation and minimally invasive transplant techniques of laparoscopic. With the years of experience, he has achieved splendid achievements in reconstructive procedures of kidney, bladder, and ureters. Dr Gogoi is a head of the department at Manipal Hospital in Dwarka.

 Dr Anant Kumar

  Dr Anant Kumar – Top Kidney Transplant Doctors in India

Education: MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery, DNB – Urology/Genito – Urinary Surgery

Hospital: Max Super Speciality Hospital Delhi

Experience: 31 Years

Specialty: Urologist, Andrologist

Connect With Dr Anant Kumar

Dr. Anant Kumar is an experienced urologist and expert in kidney transplant surgeries. He holds the position of Chairman of uro-oncology, robotic kidney transplantation at Ma Super Specialty hospital, New Delhi. Dr Kumar has performed more than 3500 kidney transplants and more than 500 robotic surgeries. His specialty lies in kidney transplantation and other transplant surgeries.

Dr Sandeep Guleria

 Dr Sandeep Guleria – Best Kidney Transplant Doctors in India

Education: MBBS, MS, DNB, FRCS, FRCS

Hospital: Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Gurugram

Experience: 15 years

Specialty: Nephrologist

Connect With Dr Sandeep Guleria

Dr. Sandeep Guleria is a senior transplant surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Gurugram. He performed the first two kidney-pancreas transplant in India with successful results. Dr Guleria specializes in kidney transplant, renal transplant, dialysis, and URS. Dr Guleria was awarded Padma Shri by President of India, Smt. Rukmani Gopalkrishnan Award for standing first in specialized surgeries. He is currently the vice president of the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation and a member of the ethics committee of the transplantation society.

Dr. Ravi Mohanka

  Dr. Ravi Mohanka – Famous Kidney Transplant Surgeon in India

Education: MBBS, MS, DNB (Gen Surgery), ASTS Fellowship (Liver Transplant), Training (Regenerative Medicine)

Hospital: Global Hospital Mumbai

Experience: 27 Years


Connect With Dr. Ravi Mohanka

Dr. Ravi Mohanka is a popular famous kidney transplant surgeon in Mumbai, India. He is highly trained for transplant-related surgeries and has performed several complex surgeries and treated diseases of adults and children. Dr Mohanka has made all his efforts to make the innovative changes in the world with transplant surgeries. He has undergone laparoscopic and robotics surgery training in France and Italy.

Dr. Bejoy Abraham

 Dr. Bejoy Abraham – Famous Kidney Doctor in India

Education: MBBS, MS- general surgery, DNB- general surgery

Hospital: Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospitals Mumbai

Experience: 31 years

Specialty: Robotic surgeon, a renal transplant specialist

Connect With Dr. Bejoy Abraham

Dr. Bejoy Abraham has a vast experience in the field of urology, his professionalism in handling the condition with ease make him the surgeon to look for by many people around the world. Throughout his medical journey, Dr Abraham has handled many cases related to kidney transplants, renal transplant, Urethroplasty, donor nephrectomy, AV fistula, and ureteric reimplant. He is even a member of any organization that is renowned all over.

Dr. V. Chandrasekar

 Dr. V. Chandrasekar – Kidney Transplant Doctors in India

Education: MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DNB – Nephrology, DM – Nephrology

Hospital: Global Hospital Chennai

Experience: 24 Years

Specialty: Nephrologist/Renal Specialist

Connect With Dr. V. Chandrasekar

Dr. V. Chandrasekar is an expert surgeon that treats kidney diseases, including kidney stones nephrotic syndrome diabetes and kidney transplantation chronic renal failure urinary tract infection and kidney-related disease. Dr Chandrasekar has completed MBBS, MD in internal medicine, after which he specialized in nephrology by doing DNB and DM in nephrology. He helps in improving the health and wellbeing of the patients to develop professional and personal relationships with them.

Dr. Joseph Thachil

 Dr. Joseph Thachil – Kidney Transplant Expert in India

Education: Diploma in Urology

Hospital: Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Experience: 45 Years

Specialty: Urologist

Connect With Dr. Joseph Thachil

Dr. Joseph Thachil is a famous urologist and a member of the Society of India Urological Association, American Urological Association, and Canadian Urological Association. His experience of more than 45 years in the field makes him the person to have the successful surgery from Dr. joseph Thachil. He is even an active member of the Tamil Nadu Medical Council.

Dr. B Shiva Shankar

 Dr. B Shiva Shankar – Top Kidney Transplant Expert in India

Education: MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery, FICS

Hospital: Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Experience: 33 Years

Specialty: Urologist

Connect With Dr. B Shiva Shankar

Dr. B Shiva Shankar is a successful urologist with years of expertise in general urology, pediatric urology, uro oncology, andrology, renal transplant, and endourology. Dr Shandkar has performed over 2000 renal transplantation, over 13000 transurethral procedures for prostate, around 6000 prostate operations, and many more. He was successful in his journey and is still continuing the record.

Dr. Mahesh Gopashetty

 Dr. Mahesh Gopashetty – Best Kidney Transplant Specialist in India

Education: MBBS, MS – General Surgery, FRCS – General Surgery

Hospital: Fortis Hospital Bangalore

Experience: 14 Years

Specialty: General Surgeon

Connect With Dr. Mahesh Gopashetty

Dr. Mahesh Gopashetty is a kidney transplant specialist in India, performs liver transplant, pancreas transplantation, pediatric liver, and multi-visceral transplantation. Dr Gopashetty has completed under graduation and post-graduation from Kasturba Medical college, manipas, and was awarded as a gold medalist or best outgoing post-graduate student in the department of general surgery in 2002.




4) What is the Process for Getting the Kidney Transplant?

The process of kidney transplant includes few steps-

  • Ask you about the surgery method if you require it.
  • Your doctor, after following the appropriate tests, he will inform about kidney transplant specialists.
  • Check out our top surgeons that will help out with the best kidney transplant treatment.
  • If you require the transplant, get it from the right surgeon at the right time.
  • After the transplant, you will be monitored by the doctor and the staff
  • You can seek medical care after the transplant, and talk to your doctor about the after care.
  • Pay close attention after the surgery if you find any complication consult your doctor.

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