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Painless Fibroid surgery hospitals in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Nagpur offer best and quality treatment

Read our Patient Testimonial- A patient from Nigeria share her experience of getting Fibroid surgery in Mumbai, India at the Best Hospital for Fibroid Surgery with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.
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painless fibroid surgery, painless fibroid surgery Mumbai, painless fibroid surgery Ahmedabad, painless fibroid surgery Nagpur Painless Fibroid surgery in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Nagpur-India attracts a huge number of foreign patients all across the globe for the best and quality treatment. We at Forerunners Healthcare Group have packages which prove a perfect for them. We have managed many medical treatments and surgeries including the Painless Fibroid surgery in India for patients both Indian and foreign origin. Recently, Mrs. Austin with her husband was in India for her Painless Fibroid surgery. Read to know more about her time she had while being treated in India.

Hi, I am Mrs. Austin from Nigeria. Last month I had my successful Painless Fibroid surgery in Mumbai-India. The credit goes to my medical consultant –Forerunners Healthcare Group. It was indeed a turning point in my life, of getting rid from my problems in the form of constant pain, uneasiness and excessive bleeding. I met my doctor, who after few tests confirmed that I have a Fibroid in my uterus and I therefore need a Painless Fibroid surgery. However, having my Painless Fibroid surgery in my place seemed a bit difficult for obvious reasons. And I didn’t want to waste my time; I was left with no option but to search for some other alternative. An option which would be at par with my expectations. So with these things in my mind, I and my husband browsed the internet, we came across   a medical consultant in India called- Forerunners Healthcare Group who manage such treatments and surgeries for people like us. We went through their website, checked their packages, hospital tie ups, etc. I found this group a reliable one, hence without any delay, I, immediately called them and discussed the possibility of having my Painless Fibroid surgery done in India. The executive at the other end was kind and supporting; he collected my reports and gave me a call after having an opinion with the panel of medical experts. He explained me at length about my Painless Fibroid surgery in India. He offered me some really good tailor made packages at the Hospitals based at Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Nagpur. I thus confirmed him my treatment at Mumbai in India.

Soon I along with my husband reached India for my Painless Fibroid surgery. In India, the first thing which worked and discussed my case with the surgeon, he was a gentleman person, he made me comfortable with his confidence and knowledge. I was amazed to see the success rate of Painless Fibroid surgery which was carried by him and his team. My nervousness soon vanished. The procedure adopted for my Painless Fibroid surgery in India was Myomectomy which encompasses a surgical removal of fibroid. I was under anesthesia; a catheter was inserted into the bladder to keep the bladder empty during the procedure. Another catheter was then inserted into the uterus and a blue dye is injected to stain the uterine cavity; this staining of the uterine cavity is necessary to help the physician determine the location of the fibroids which often are so large they are indistingushable from the tissue of the uterus. The blue dye also runs into the fallopian tubes and allows the physician to determine whether the fallopian tubes were blocked. Next, Pitressin, was injected into the first fibroid the physician had decided to remove. Petressin is a drug which causes the blood supply to stop for twenty minutes and allows the physician to remove the fibroid with less risk of excessive bleeding and transfusion. My entire Painless Fibroid surgery in Mumbai-India went smooth.

It took couple of weeks to recover following my Painless Fibroid surgery in Mumbai-India. It was great being there in India getting my Painless Fibroid surgery. I must take this opportunity to thank my medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Group, who expedited my Painless Fibroid surgery in India, moreover, I would also like to thank the surgeon and his medical team for being so kind and prudent while treating me. I am sure I would certainly recommend the medical consultant and Painless Fibroid surgery in Mumbai-India to my relatives and friends.


Mrs. Nweke

To get your appointment from the Fibroid Specialists in Mumbai at the Best Hospitals for Fibroid Surgery in Mumbai, Contact Us

Special Healthcare Services to Patients for Fibroid Surgery in Mumbai

World Class Medical Services: Our network of world class facilities includes the fibroid specialist hospital in Mumbai, India has state of the art infrastructure. We have highly advanced technology and latest equipments and ensure to offer customized services.

Skilled Medical Professionals: Our team of medical professionals such as the best fibroid specialist in Mumbai, are highly qualified, dedicated and committed.

Cost-Effective: We provide cost effective fibroid surgery in Mumbai, India in comparison to that offered by the developed nations such as the UK & the US.

Safe & Effective Results: We ensure to provide safe and effective results for fibroid in Mumbai, India with fewer complication rates and less mortality rates.

Other Services: We assist with the arrangement of your entire tour including the appointment from the best fibroid specialist in Mumbai, quotation for fibroid surgery in Mumbai, hotel accommodation, meals, personal airport pick-up optional sightseeing.

Why Get the Fibroid Surgery in Mumbai, India?

Getting the Fibroid surgery in Mumbai, India has the following benefits:

  • Fibroid Specialists in Mumbai with international exposure and training
  • Best hospitals for fibroid surgery in Mumbai are internationally accredited
  • Around 30-70% cost advantage over the US and UK
  • State-of-the-art equipments at par with Western nations
  • Reduced waiting time for surgery
  • Fewer communication issues as English is the second language

India is capitalizing on its highly trained heart specialist doctors in Mumbai offering the cost effective fibroid surgery in Mumbai, that appeal to the flocking medical tourists from abroad. The fibroid specialists in Mumbai have education, certifications, training and experience from the prestigious international medical schools and institutions. Considered as a culturally rich place, Mumbai has many healthy spots where you could recuperate in peace or to go on a sight-seeing post recovery. Often, most patients from abroad combine their fibroid surgery in Mumbai. You can go for a trip to the Hanging Gardens, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, Bandra Worli Sea Link, etc. Forerunners Healthcare facilitates excellent services and facilities for fibroid surgery in Mumbai India for the patients from abroad.

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