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 Patient Testimonials

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Ovarian cyst surgery in India at Delhi

Low cost rectal cancer surgery in India at Chennai

Laparoscopic Fundoplication surgery in India at Bangalore

Kenya natives’s anal fistula surgery in India at Hyderabad

Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery in India at Mumbai

Endoscopic CBD stone removal surgery in India at Delhi

Canadian patient’s Endometrial cancer treatment in India

Bangladesh patient’s low cost breast abscess surgery in India at Delhi

Arterial embolization for uterus in India at Delhi

Uganda native’s affordable Radical mastectomy surgery in India at Mumbai

Nigeria Citizen’s Osteosarcoma Surgery in India

UK Citizen’s Esophageal Resection Surgery in India

France Citizen’s Cervical Cancer Surgery in India

US patient’s cheap Angioplasty in India

Affordable Uterus Artery Embolization Surgery Hospital India

Low Cost Endometrial Cancer Surgery in Chennai India

Cheap Ileostomy Surgery Bangalore India

Best Protocolectomy Surgeon Mumbai India

Patient Experience Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery Bangalore India

International Patient Anal Fistula Surgery Chennai India

Economical Facet Joint RF Ablation Surgery for Patient from Fiji

Photo Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Bangalore India

International patient AICD Cardiac Surgery India

Cheap Coronary Artery Surgery in Mumbai India

Affordable Knee Arthroscopy Surgery in Hyderabad India

Testimonial Scoliosis Surgery Chennai India

International Patient Smile Makeover treatment in India

International Patient Penectomy Surgery in Bangalore India

Cheap Ewing’s Sarcoma Surgery Hospital in India

Low Cost Renal Cell Cancer Surgery Hyderabad India

Cost Effective Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surgery Bangalore India

Cheap Pheochromocytoma Surgery Chennai India

Best Salivary Gland Surgeon Mumbai India

Best Rectal Cancer Surgeon Mumbai India

Testimonial Radical Mastectomy Surgery Delhi India

International Patient Hernia Surgery Chennai India

Economic Breast Abscess Surgery Bangladeshi Patient India

Best Knee Contracture Surgeon Mumbai India
Low Cost Gall Bladder Cancer Surgery for Pakistani Patient India
Experience Nigerian Patient Liver Cyst Surgery Hyderabad India
Best Pancreatic Cyst Surgery Hospital Bangalore India
Affordable Stomach Cancer surgery for Arabic patient in India
Parent Testimonial for Spinal Bifida Surgery India
Low Cost Meningomyecoele Surgery for Tanzanian Baby in India
Experience Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery India
Economic Gamma Knife surgery for Meningioma Delhi India
Affordable Spinal Cord Tumour surgery for International Patient Chennai India

Testimonial Nigeria Citizen Lumbar Spine Surgery India

Cheap Throat Cancer Surgery India
Low Cost Knee Surgery for Nigerian Patient
Inexpensive Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery India
Experience Splenectomy Surgery India
Economic Goitre Surgery India
Cheap Laparoscopic Myomectomy Surgery India
Breast Cancer Surgery Jaslok Hospital Mumbai India
Less Price knee Replacement Surgery in India for a patient from Uganda
Septal defect surgery in India for a patient from Mauritius
BHR Surgery in India for a patient from UK
Dental Implants Surgery in the best dental hospital in India
Obesity Surgery in India for a patient from Hong Kong
Laparoscopic Sleeve Surgery in India for Angel
Liposuction Surgery and Tummy Tuck surgery in India for a British patient
Vitrectomy Surgery in India for Muhammad Alkali from Nigeria

American national’s Sleeve Gastrectomy in India through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.

Suzanne Spicer’s Weight loss surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants
Robinson’s mothers Ovarian Cancer Surgery in India
Registered nurse of New York who got her Lap band surgery in India
Mrs. Otuoma from Tanzania who had her total knee replacement surgery in India
American Lady’s Multiple Cosmetic Surgery In India