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 Patient Testimonials

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Emmanuel Jackson who came to India for his father’s kidney treatment in India

Emma who came from UK for her Liposuction and breast work surgery in India

Aasim who underwent Laser Disectomy in India through Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani.

Mrs. Jones from Uganda who came for her spinal fusion surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare

Martina from Ireland who underwent liposuction surgery in India

Irish Native’s Breast Implants Surgery in India

American Lady’s Laser Disectomy Surgery In India

Sarah Who Underwent Duodenal Switch Surgery In India

New Oxinium total knee replacements in India

Namutebi’s Spine tumor surgery in India

Sinead’s gastric bypass surgery in India

Paul Dominoski who successfully underwent Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in India

Mrs. Cottons laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in India

Surjit Singh’s Minimal Invasive spine surgery India

Martin’s hair transplant Surgery in India

Linda Pears who underwent sterilization reversal surgery in India

Karen’s Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in India

Ignatous Ayigba who underwent fibro sarcoma spine tumor surgery in India

Gary Whitefill’s gastric bypass Surgery in India

Nina Mathur’s full body liposuction surgery in India

Hair Transplant in India

Amin's Family Full Body Checkup in India

Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in India

Endoscopic Discectomy in India

Laminotomy and Foramenotomy Surgery in India

Appendix Surgery in India

Microscopic Lumbar Discectomy Surgery India

Gastroenetrology Surgery India

Hernia Surgery India

Health Checkup India

Cancer Treatmet India

Skin Cancer Treatment Surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery India

Hair Transplant Surgeons India

Breast Reduction Surgery India

Bilateral Hip Resurfacing Procedure in India

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure in India
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India
Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in India
Knee Replacement Surgery in India
Knee Replacement in India
Knee Replacement Surgery
Dental Implants and Whitening Treatment India
Face Lift Surgery India
Facial Reshaping Surgery India
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Breast Reduction Surgery India
Breast Lift Surgery India
Liposuction Surgery in India
Tummy Tuck Surgery in India
Weight Loss Surgery in India
Breast Augmentation with Saline Breast Implants
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery in India
Hernia Surgery and Dental Implant Surgery in India
Tubal Ligation Procedure India
Sigmoid Colectomy and repair of Colo-Vescical Fistula India
Lasik Eye Surgery India
Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery India
Weight Loss Surgery in India
Colon Removed Minimally Invasive Procedure India
Lasik Surgery and Gall Bladder Surgery India
Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Surgery India
Colostomy Reversal Surgery
Dental Treatment and Weight Loss Surgery India
Weight Reduction Surgery India
Spinal Decompression and Spinal Fusion Surgery
Lap Band Surgery and Lasik Surgery India
Dental Treatment and Liposuction Surgery India
Weight Loss Gastric Bypass Surgery India