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Get free from prostate cancer through Green light laser surgery in India

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green light laser surgery prostate cancer, prostate cancer green light laser surgery India, green light laser surgery hospitals India Green light laser surgery in India is the latest fad among foreign patients. This is because the cost involved in this procedure is quiet low and moreover, the quality catered in Green light laser surgery in India is world class. We at Forerunners Healthcare group are offering low cost Green light laser surgery packages in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi in India. Recently Mr. Ekon Okoro from Nigeria got his Green light surgery in India. He shares his experience with us.

Hi, I am Ekon Okoro from Nigeria. I was in India for my Green light laser surgery. My medical service providers are Forerunners Healthcare Group. I am very thankful to them for their support and wonderful hospitality. It was a living hell, a living nightmare for me while suffering from the excruciating pain I experienced as a result of an enlarged prostate. And at times the pain was paralyzing. I could not pass my urine and I had a blockage. I did my internet research for Green light laser surgery and short listed a few medical tourism companies. But finally I decided to go with Forerunners Healthcare Group as they were quick and professional. So I sent them my query and soon got a call from one of their executives discussing my Green light laser surgery in India. I sent them my relevant medical reports and after getting the nod from the surgeons, I finally came to Chennai-India for my Green light laser surgery.

I was really amazed to know about the Green Light Surgery. The Green Light Laser directs high energy pulses of green light at the prostate, which is absorbed in the blood of prostate tissue. The light pulses quickly and gently, vaporizing and removing the obstructive prostate tissue. The outpatient procedure allows patients to return home several hours after treatment. The procedure is performed with minimal anesthesia, is virtually bloodless and eliminates the need for invasive surgery.

Forerunners Healthcare Group also assisted me with the visa procedure and the travel arrangements. My journey to India was very comfortable and peaceful. The surgeons who performed my Green light laser surgery in India were compassionate. They were very kind and it certainly helped me in my speedy recovery. Today, after getting my Green light laser surgery in India I am feeling top of the world, and now can certainly recommend Green light laser surgery in India to my friends and relatives. Thank you all for this.

Thank you,

Mr. Ekon Okoro


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