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Prostate cancer surgeon at Goa in India rescues a Cameroon patient

Prostate Cancer Surgeon Goa India Rescues Cameroon Patient,Cancer Surgery India,Cost Prostate Cancer Surgery

Prostate cancer surgeon at Goa in India rescued a Cameroon patient Mr. Ibrahim who was suffering with a prostate cancer. Ibrahim was given the best kind of hospitality by the Prostate cancer surgeon at Goa in India and he was also able to get an early health recovery at a low cost. Mr. Ibrahim says “I didn’t know what to do when I came to know of my medical reports showing me the presence of prostate cancer. I knew that the medical treatment for prostate cancer was very expensive.

And Cameroon didn’t have skilled cancer surgeons I searched for more options when I got the name of Forerunners Healthcare this group was assisting and helping foreign patients to get a good quality of medical treatment in India. I send a query for getting a cost effective option of prostate cancer surgery and was surprised to get an immediate response in just 10 minutes after making an enquiry. The options provided to me for getting a cure from prostate cancer was really appealing as the entire responsibility of my medical trip lodging, food and providing a good doctor was to be fulfilled by Forerunners Healthcare.  After sending an enquiry I received a phone call from Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant of Forerunners Healthcare and he gave me a reasonable cost health package he told me that his group was having a nice and well trained Prostate cancer surgeon at Goa in India and I could get a very fine medical stay at Goa in India. I was searching for such kind of medical support and assistance so I gave my approval and he sent me the profile details of the recommended surgeon. Now when I got my surgery in India I was assisted by the team of Forerunners Healthcare for 24 hours and it kept me under care right from the day when I landed in India. The cancer surgery hospital of Goa in India was really wonderful and it used the technique of radiotherapy for the surgery. I was assisted and cured by a very trained medical staff and the surgery was a good combination of hospitality and recreation in the form of holidays at one of the best resorts of Goa. Prostate cancer surgeon at Goa in India followed the most minute care precautions for my prostate cancer surgery as I was suffering from pain in my prostate gland and I also had problems in urination. But after getting treatment in India now my life has changed I am feeling more comfortable.  Thanks to the efficient healthcare services of Forerunners Healthcare and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for making me alright once again.”

Mr. Ibrahim

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