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Sajid Khan in India for his abdominoplasty with a lipoplasty at Goa

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Just a couple of weeks before a UK patient Sajid Khan was in India for his Abdominoplasty with Lipoplasty at Goa. Sajid Khan was in need of the procedure of Abdominoplasty and Lipoplasty due to being fat and having a protruding tummy. On consulting his local doctor he found that the costs of cosmetic surgery procedures in England are very expensive so he tried to find more cost effective options of surgery.  He found the healthcare services of Forerunners Healthcare very reliable as well as so he under took his Abdominoplasty with Lipoplasty at Goa in India under it’s assistance.

Sajid says that I was not having a nice shaped body as I had crossed the age of 32 and I had no time for doing exercises due to a very busy schedule. On my wife’s suggestion I followed a balanced diet schedule but I could not get any benefit from it. So I decided to get a surgery in India through the consultation of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the CEO of Forerunners Healthcare. When I talked to him on phone after having him sent a query to get me a good cosmetic surgery hospital of surgeon in India and he sounded a very warm and cooperative medical professional.  He said that he had his associate cosmetic professionals at Goa in India and they will provide me an outpatient procedure of Abdominoplasty with Lipoplasty at Goa in India if I had realistic expectations and I would definitely see good results within a month of getting these cosmetic procedures. I was offered a very less cost budget that indicated a money savings of 40 to 50 percent than that cost which was to be paid by me in UK. I reached India under the comfortable and reliable medical trip package offered to me by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. I was provided a very comfortable medical hospitality by the team of Forerunners Healthcare. The cosmetic surgery hospital at Goa in India was a very nice place with and was having all kinds of medical equipments and were teeming with the best kind of doctors and a very hard working medical staff.  The very next day I was provided with the procedure of lipoplasty with an empty stomach and the procedure of my full body lipoplasty took a time of 5 hours and I was hospitalized for the rest of the day. I was provided the surgery using a minimally invasive method. The very next day at afternoon I was provided with the procedure of abdominoplasty the surgeon made incisions on my tummy and he removed all the sagging skin and fat deposits on it. I stayed for 4 days I was provided with the best kind of hospitality in India by the Indian medical staff I was provided with a liquid diet for 2 days generally fruit juices and pulp that was very easy to digest. The team of Forerunners healthcare was kind enough to drop make all the arrangements for my return and drop me at the airport to say me good bye in a cordial way. Abdominoplasty with Lipoplasty at Goa in India gave me a new look with relief from body fat and protruding tummy. And my wife is also happy. Thanks to Dr. Bojwani and his team for providing me a cost effective option.”

Sajid Khan

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