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Surgeons perform at best hospitals of Urology Surgery in Hyderabad Bangalore and Chennai-India

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urology surgery Hyderabad India, urology surgery Bangalore India, urology surgery Chennai India We, at Forerunners Healthcare group, render Urosurgery in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai-India through the best surgeons who work with state of art technology enabled hospitals where the cost compared to the West is pretty less. Every year thousands of international patients put a lot of faith and come for Urology Surgery in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai- India. We at Forerunners Healthcare India collaborated with some of the best surgeons of leading hospitals in India where the medical facilities are par with the world famous hospitals in the west. Recently, Mr. Onwozulu from Nigeria visited India for his Urosurgery in India. His wife shares his experience with us.

Hello, I am Mrs. Onwozulu from Nigeria, recently my husband had his Urology surgery in India, I must say that the surgeons here are good at treating patients, their level of knowledge and experience are vast and can treat any sort of cases from simple to complex. What pleased me was that most of them performing Urology Surgery in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai- India are foreign return, and are highly qualified with degrees from foreign universities. While the hospitals where my husband has his Urology Surgery in India was excellent, it had all the modern amenities, one can imagine, huge area, clean and green premises. Well maintained and the best of surgeons, doctors and medical professionals. It was a very pleasant experience for my husband getting treated in India. I am very thankful to the Forerunners Healthcare group for their wonderful hospitality. The cost of Urology Surgery in Western countries is too high. I couldn’t have possibly afforded that. Then while, browsing the internet, my bro in law came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare group. And rest you all know, I am here with my husband for his Urology Surgery in India, and now I can see him happy getting rid of his problem. Indeed the Urology Surgery performed in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai- India is world class and the surgeons performing the same have magic in their hand, they can do anything. I would highly recommend Forerunners Healthcare group to all those who are seeking medical treatment abroad.

Thank you,

Mrs. Onwozulu


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