Cervical Cancer Surgery in India : Best Surgeons, Cost with Medical Assistance to Abroad Patients

By | February 28, 2017

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The cervical cancer surgery in India is done at the best hospital of India. Treating cancer is a difficult task and only the highly skilled and experienced surgeons are sought to treat the disease. At the hospital of India, we have the best cervical cancer surgeons offering the highest quality treatments and care to the patients. The top hospitals of India providing cervical cancer surgery have the best surgeons, cost with medical assistance to the abroad patients. They offer the highest quality treatments and care to the patients and are associated hospitals are located to various cities across the country.

Best Surgeons :

  1. Dr. Rama Joshi: Dr. Rama Joshi is the Director at Gynae Oncology, Robotic Surgery at Fortis Hospital. With an immense experience of 28 years of practice, she has been awarded the six gold medals including the Pfizer gold medal post graduate award.
  2. Dr. Sabhyata Gupta: The Director of Division of Gynecology and Gynaec-Oncology at Medanta- The Medicity. Having over two decades of experience in her field, she has treated several patients with gynaec problems in India. She provides the medical care to her patients and believes in promoting health awareness and following a healthy lifestyle.

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Treatment & Surgery Cost

The treatment and surgery cost of cervical cancer in India is extremely cost effective with excellent quality of treatments. The treatment for cervical cancer starts with seeking regular medical care throughout your life. The goal of cervical cancer treatment is to cure the cancer permanently or bring about a complete remission of the disease. The cervical cancer treatment plans use a multi-faceted approach and are individualized as per the type of cancer, stage of advancement, age of patient, medical history and coexisting diseases or conditions and other factors. The surgical procedures used as a part of the cervical cancer treatment are hysterectomy, conisation, cryosurgery, radical hysterectomy, pelvic examination and laser surgery.

The radiotherapy may be given for larger tumors contained in the cervix and often it is given when the cancer has spread beyond the cervix and is not curable with surgery alone. Often it is used after surgery when there is a high risk that the cancer may come back and usually given in combination of chemotherapy. The radiotherapy treatment may last for five to eight weeks and it may be either an external radiotherapy or an internal radiotherapy or brachytherapy. The chemotherapy is treatment of cancer using the anti-cancer drugs to destroy all cancer cells while doing the least possible damage to the normal cells. Often it is given to women with more advanced cancer or along with radiotherapy. The patient will need to stay in the hospital overnight or may be treated as a day patient.

Medical Assistance for Abroad Patients

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Forerunners Healthcare Consultants provides medical assistance for abroad patients seeking their cervical cancer surgery in India from the best surgeons. Additionally, the cost of treatment and surgery for cervical cancer in India is quite affordable compared to the cost of treatments in the Western nations. India offers a complete medical facility with the latest infrastructure, modern equipments and advanced technology to cater the needs of the medical tourists. Most of the surgeons and doctors are internationally trained with immense experience to handle the cancer cases. Our associated hospitals have international accreditation with the ISO, JCI, etc.


Contact Forerunners Healthcare Consultants to book an appointment for the cervical cancer surgery in India from the best surgeons. Send us your query and our executive will reach you within 24 hours.

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