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By | December 7, 2017

Liver Transplant Overview:

Liver Transplant in India

Many of us think that liver is just to fill in the blank space in the stomach; but we all should remember that every organ in a human body is important it has its own function and responsibility to help the body to maintain good health. The major function of liver is to help in digestion. Liver is the only organ in human body that has regenerative property; that is why diseases like hepatomegaly and surgeries that involve removal of the part of the liver do not affect much on the size of the liver. If it is cut from a part it regenerates and takes its place. Liver transplant is suggested to those whose lever is completely damaged and dose not takes up its responsibility well this type of liver disease requires transplant.

Why India for Liver Transplant:

India is the best place for any kind of medical treatment because we have some of the best hospitals and doctors who can serve you the best medical treatment for any kind of disease condition. The surgeons and doctors are very professional in the areas of specialty and have more than 25 years of experience in their medical profession. More over India believes in first come first serve which is unlike other countries. Other countries have their own medical facilities and rules made by them which every patient has to follow. Some of the patients cannot face the long wait that is way they look-up on India for their best medical treatment. Liver transplant is considered as a major surgery, this is performed well in India and at affordable cost. The surgeons and doctors have the best knowledge of such major surgeries. They are well verse with traditional and minimally invasive way of surgical procedures. Hospitals in India can help you to get the best treatment at affordable cost for your liver transplant surgery in India.

Why choose india for Liver Transplant

Where Can You have the Cheapest Liver Transplant Surgery in India?

All major treatment in India is very affordable as compared to other countries. There is not a specific place, clinic or hospital where a patient can specifically advised to get the treatment from. Some of the below given information can help you to get a brief knowledge and guidance to choose the best treatment and hospitals in India.

some of the top hospitals that help you to get the best major surgery performed in India are briefly described below. With the below given information one can easily decide the hospital where you should plan your medical treatment for liver transplant surgery.

  • Gleneagles Global hospital Chennai: this is a part of parkway pantai and fully owned by IHH healthcare. This top hospital is located in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai with over 2000 beds and the best infrastructure specially designed according to the comfort of the patient; where health and hygiene is maintained in the best way. This multi-super specialty hospital is a pioneer in liver, kidney, lung and heart transplant. This best hospital provides the multi-organ transplant medical services in India
  • Artemis Hospital Gurgaon: this top hospital was established in the year 2007, it consists of 380 beds with the best state-of-the-art and it is located in Gurgaon, India. This multi-specialty hospital is the first to get NABH and JCI accreditation.

World’s Best Liver Transplant Surgeons in India

Dr. Mohamed Rela : is one of the best surgeon in India with more than 30 years of experience. He is one of the best experts who can help you to get the best liver transplant surgery performed in India. He is also known for hepatopancreatobiliary surgery. He is also considered as world’s top liver transplant surgeon. Dr. Mohamed Rela has completed his medical studies from King’s college hospital in London.

Best Liver Transplant surgeon in India

Dr. Ramdip Ray : is graduate from Medical college, Kolkata, India. He is a well trained professional with good knowledge of surgery at SSKM Hospital in Kolkata, India and Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research (IPGMER). He has more than 20 years of experience in this field and because of the best expert knowledge he is called to many other hospitals round the globe for his opinion. 

Liver Transplant Packages in India by Forerunners Healthcare:

Forerunners healthcare group is one of the leading consultants that help international patients to come down to India for their medical treatment. It helps them to get the best affordable package for any major treatment or surgery. They have tie-ups with some of the best surgeons and hospitals that have the best medical record. They have the best liver transplant packages in India that help every patient to go back home with a successful and satisfied smile on their face. The entire package would include: medical visa, local travel, boarding and lodging of the patient.

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Overall Success rate of Liver Transplant is more than 94% : Says Expert

The success rate of liver transplant in India is more than 94% according to the records. It is been observed in these couple of years that many international patients have come down to India for their medical treatment and have received successful liver transplanted with good results. This major surgery though gives the patient a substitute of the original organ but this helps them to live their rest of the life without liver disease; a pain free life with liver transplant hospitals in India.

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