Is Weight Loss Surgery a Right Choice to Recover Obesity?

By | January 25, 2020

Obesity is a disorder that is faced by most of the individuals today. It is not just a cosmetic disorder as it creates a lot of health issues like diabetes and hypertension. Hence weight loss is a must for obese patients.

The weight of obese people does not generally respond to strict diet and exercises and they have to undergo conventional treatments for the same. However, in the worst cases of obesity, where even after all the efforts the patient is not able to shed enough weight, the doctors recommend obesity surgery for the same. Also known as metabolic surgery or Bariatric Surgery, this treatment proves to be helpful in the severe cases of obesity.

But patients are clueless upon the need for the surgery and do not have a clear idea as to what condition of obesity makes it different from another and require surgery. Let us understand the need for obesity surgeries with answers to some common questions.

Why is it difficult for a few people to shed weight and maintain it through normal measures?

Extreme cases of obesity are no less than a disease that hampers your health. Diet control has been the most efficient way for reducing weight. However, in cases of obese people, the diet controls may have a reverse effect on the body’s weight or no effect at all. This happens because of the mechanisms and biology of the body which is not in the control of the person himself. Thus if after following a diet too, an obese person is not able to shed weight, it does not necessarily mean he or she has had a fault of their own or has less willpower. It is the tendency of their body which is not in their control.

What is weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgeries reduce the size of the stomach and eventually alter the physical mechanisms of the body that control factors like satiety, sugar metabolism, and appetite that help one in reducing the weight significantly. However, there are different types of weight loss surgeries according to the need and health of the patient. There isn’t a single type of weight loss surgery that will be ideal for all the abnormalities faced by an obese person. The most suitable type of surgery is thus chosen by the specialist in order to provide the best results. Gastric Bypass Surgery and Sleeve Gastrectomy are the two most common types of weight loss surgery.  

How does weight loss surgery prove to be effective for obese people?

The weight-loss surgeries target reducing the size of the stomach as the gastrointestinal tract is both, endocrine as well as a metabolic organ which largely affects the regulation of weight and metabolism with the type and size of the food it intakes. Thus when the size of the stomach increase, so does the amount of food entering in the gastrointestinal tract. This, in turn, enables the person to shed weight automatically over time.

Is a weight-loss surgery known to be the easy gateway from excess weight?

Weight loss surgery is recommended by the doctors only when all the conventional methods, strict fitness regimes and change in lifestyle do not contribute towards shedding any weight. Thus a surgery is an easy way out is no less than a myth. But so is the fact that surgical procedures are not as preferred as other conventional treatments for weight loss. Scientifically it is illogical. What should be the most suitable option for one’s weight loss, highly depends upon the condition of the person itself. Where surgery can be the best option for a person, conventional treatment can be the worst option for the same and vice versa.

Who is an ideal candidate for surgery?

Obesity Surgery is a major surgical procedure and similar to any other surgery, takes a toll on your body. Even after the person’s obesity might demand surgery as a treatment option, his/her body may not be ready to undergo the same. Thus there is a criterion for one to be an ideal candidate for weight loss surgery. First of all, is that the person must have BMI past 40 or between 35 to 40 depending upon the person’s current health issues. People who are suffering from metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes are also considered to be ideal for obesity surgery Treatment as it is very effective in cases like these.

Who shouldn’t take Weight Loss Surgery as their medium of treatment?

People for whom the doctors think that their obesity isn’t severe and conventional methods could do the needful for them, obesity surgery is not recommended. On the other hand, it might be the case that surgery is the best option for the person’s condition, but his/her body is not ready to undertake the surgery due to underlying complications.