Pancreatic Cancer – Surgery Benefits in India with Forerunners Healthcare

By | August 16, 2016

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment – Overview


A pancreatic cancer is cancer of the pancreas which is situated near the liver. It produces the enzymes which help in digestion of food and also maintains the sugar levels in the body. At Forerunners Healthcare, we have experience surgeons and top hospitals with proper equipments needed to treat pancreatic cancer. We offer highest quality treatments and pancreatic cancer surgery at affordable prices.

The benefits of pancreatic cancer surgery will vary depending upon an individual’s situation. The surgery will increase the chances of positive results. If the cancer is diagnosed early, then the cancer treatments will encourage eradication of the cancerous tissues and tumors which will increase the positive prognosis. The pancreatic cancer surgery will help to relieve the pain of the patients so that they could lead a better life.

The best hospitals in India for pancreatic cancer offers comprehensive solutions for the patients with pancreatic disease by providing a tailor made treatment modalities to each patient. The treatments will be provided as per the condition of the patient and Whipple surgery in India is provided at the most affordable cost in the Western countries.

Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer :

The pancreatic cancer surgery can be curative surgery and palliative surgery. The most effective treatment option when the tumor is small and there are no signs if that has spread is a curative surgery. During this, potentially all or just part of the pancreas will be removed depending on where the cancer is and how much the pancreas is involved. Whipple’s operation, total pancreatectomy, pylorus-preserving pancreatoduodenectomy and distal pancreatectomy are curative surgery.

  • A Whipple’s operation involves removing the head of the pancreas and the lower end of the stomach, the common bile duct, most of the duoderm, gallbladder and the surrounding lymph nodes. The remaining part of the bile duct, stomach and pancreas will be reattached to the small intestines. A total pancreatectomy is required sometimes for removing the whole pancreas if there is a large endocrine or cystic tumour.
  • A pylorus preserving pancreatoduodenectomy will be done when it is not necessary to remove the lower end of the stomach. This will preserve the pylorus which empties into the small intestines. A distal pancreatectomy, also known as left pancreatectomy is performed on the tail end or the body of the pancreas that is furthest away from the join to duoderm.

If the cancer has spread and it cannot be removed then a number of operations will be recommended by your doctor to help alleviate some symptoms of the diseases. The most common symptoms require surgical intervention are pain, jaundice and bowel obstruction. The blockage in the duct due to tumour can be treated in a number of ways- biliary bypass, insertion of a plastic or metal tube called as a stent, celiac plexus nerve block, gastric bypass.

Why Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India is beneficial :

India has numerous hospitals that specializes in different types of cancer treatments including the surgery and treatments for the pancreatic cancer.

The specialist in these hospitals are well trained in the field of surgery and oncology. The level of healthcare services at the leading medical centers and hospitals in India are at par with what is being offered in the US or the UK. Our association with several hospitals and medical centers located at different cities across the country are widely known for their best medical services. The surgeons and physicians have ample of experience to handle such cases everyday and are skilled at performing difficult and complicated surgeries. Most hospitals uses advanced methods of therapy for the cancer treatments.


Forerunners Healthcare Consultants – The Pioneer of Healthcare in India

We provide assistance to the international patients seeking low cost pancreatic cancer surgery in India. We provide a cost savings estimate of about 50 to 70 percent. The total cost of pancreatic cancer surgery in India with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants will include the hospital stay, consultation fee, surgery, medicine, accommodation, transportation, etc. All you need to do is send us your medical reports that will be studied by our panel of experts and then we will provide you with the medical opinions. You can choose the best treatment package that suits your budget. Contact us by filling up our consultation form to know more details about pancreatic cancer surgery benefits in India.