Treating Pancreatic Cancer: What Are the Success Rate in Indian Hospitals?

By | March 24, 2018

Pancreatic Cancer: Global Statistics

According to World Cancer Research Fund International, Pancreatic Cancer is the 12th most common type of Cancer affecting numerous people in the world. This Cancer, in most cases is fatal and is the 7th most usual cause of fatalities.

The presence of this organ plays a much significant role. It is located near the Liver and produces Enzymes that are needed for the digestion process and also very crucial in maintaining the sugar levels in the body, by producing Insulin.

The most difficult part is that Pancreatic tumour is very tricky to detect till it reaches a very advanced stage. Since its location is very critical that is it is all the more difficult to detect and causes problems for other organs too. Most Pancreatic Cancers start in the ducts that carry pancreatic juices. But a rare kind of Pancreatic Cancer starts in the cells that produce insulin, which is called Islet Cell cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India

Best Cancer Hospitals in India

Cancer cure involves the usage of either one kind of treatment method or the combination of more than one method. So it is very important that the hospitals are equipped with every kind of treatment option so that the patients receive complete cure. The Indian Cancer hospitals are highly equipped in this matter because the Cancer departments in these hospitals are completely self sufficient and offer Cancer cure as a much matured speciality.

There are internationally recognized hospitals like Apollo, Fortis, Tata Memorial and many other reputed hospitals, which offer very well planned Cancer treatment. These hospitals have a wide range of Cancer treatment options available that too at very affordable prices.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India

What treatments are used to cure pancreatic Cancer?

The choice of treatment depends on the obvious factors like the type and stage of the Cancer. The treatment options include:

  • Surgery
  • Ablation or Embolization treatments
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy and other drugs

These treatment options might be used individually or in combinat

Cost and Success Rate of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India

Owing to the presence of the most advanced Cancer cure, India surely is blessed with high success rates of Pancreatic Cancer. Further, the Indian Cancer specialists are some of the best trained and highly reputed for their skills and meticulousness. This boosts the success rates to match the global standards. This is very assuring for the medical tourists because high success undeniably denotes the outstanding usage of the Cancer treatment options.

Also, the medical tourists prefer to get this treatment done in India because of the major price differences that they can enjoy here. For example, the cost of Total Pancreatectomy in USA is $30,000 while the same procedure can be availed by paying $5,000 in India. Also, Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer costs $22,000 in USA but in India it costs only $3,000. Thus, the medical tourists cannot access this kind of cost effectiveness in any other leading country. Thus, the obvious choice is India.

Why India for Pancreatic Cancer?

Why choose India as the medical tourism destination? There are many reasons which make India the obvious choice for the international patients.

  • The availability of the most advanced Cancer cure at the best hospitals
  • Highly trained nursing staff
  • The top Cancer specialists attending to the patients
  • Individualized attention coupled with supreme care
  • Outstanding hygienic and safety levels maintained
  • Highly cost effective Cancer treatment easily viable
  • Complete recovery assured owing to excellent follow ups

How to Come: International Patients Guideline

In order to avail the above mentioned packages of benefits, there are some very hassle free steps that the patients have to go through:

  • Visit our website and go through all the necessary information
  • Once they are acquainted with the services we offer, they can choose the right cure from the list
  • There is an Enquiry Form, which the patients have to fill up and submit
  • Once we receive that, we respond with further details along with the requirement for the patient’s medical reports
  • Once this phase is settled, then we set up a Online Consultation with the specialists, where the patients can get all their queries cleared and get to know more about the procedure that they have chosen
  • Even after this phase, the patients can continue to post their queries as we have dedicated staff to handle all these
  • In the meanwhile, we take care of the medical visa, flights and accommodation formalities
  • The patients are informed about each phase related to their travel and treatment arrangements, so that the patients do not face any hindrances in reaching here and receiving the best cure







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