Understanding Brest Cancer: Treatment and Diagnosis

By | March 3, 2016

Overview : 

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Cancer often appears to be a scary term, which can at any point of time can demean and smash you the most. There are different types of cancer and the name they get is as per the location of the same. The cancer found in the breast areas of women is called breast cancer, which is an uncontrolled growth over the breast cancer. In order to understand the breast cancer, it simply helps in understanding the way it develops. The cancer can be seen occurring due the result due to the mutations or the abnormal changes found in the genes responsible for controlling the cells growth and thus keeping them healthy. The genes are found in the nucleus of every cell acts to be a control room over all the cells. Usually, the cells in our bodies are seen replacing themselves via an orderly process of cell growth and the health new cells are seen taking over as the old ones seen dying out. However, over the time, the mutations can turn on certain gens and turning off others over the cell. This has changed the cell gains and the capability in order to divide without actually controlling or order and thus producing more number of cells unlike it was seen forming a tumor.

How is breast cancer diagnosed?

breast 2Before you treat the breast cancer it has to be diagnosed the best. The moment you find dimpling in symmetry or in shape start pressing the nipple and colored area of your breast giving the bloody kind of discharge, you need to immediately report to the doctor. The doctor then carries out a number of tests to diagnose the breast cancer. Usually mammograms are one of the effective ways of detecting the breast cancer. Besides, you can find different tests these can include the imaging tests like digital mammography, ultrasound and 3D mammography which can help in finding out the lumps inside the breast having the physical features of tumor. The only best way to confirm is that it’s cancer is to simply take some amount of the cells from the lump and thus look at them with a microscope. Lastly, the doctor can even take the resort in biopsy, which is considered as the last option to diagnose the breast cancer. It can be done using a very thin needle.

Breast Cancer Treatment

When it comes to treating breast cancer, there are different options available to get rid of the same. However, this would depend upon the condition of the patients and the spread of cancer or the stage of the same. Some of the common breast cancer treatment options go as under:breast 3

  • Breast Cancer Surgery: For a majority of people, the very first step is to simply remove the breast cancer with surgery followed by a blend of other procedures including chemotherapy and radiation therapy or hormone therapy. Surgery often deals with removing the entire breast along with the lymph nodes close to modified radical mastectomy.
  • Chemotherapy: This treatment option helps in using robust kind of procedures, which helps in killing the remaining cancer, which the operation left behind. It can even help in reducing the probability of having breast cancer once again. If your tumor is of large size, you could get this procedure before having the surgery to make the tumor shrink making it simple with the surgery.
  • Radiation Therapy: In this procedures, a high energy waves is seen destroying cancer cells, while the doctors would usually give you the radiation therapy after lumpectomy and at times even after the mastectomy in order to reduce the risk of having the repeat of cancer.
  • Reconstructive Breast Surgery: After mastectomy, a reconstructive plastic surgery is carried out in order to replace the breast tissue, which doctors simply to remove along with the cancer including the nipple and the skin.

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