Weight Loss Surgery Benefits In India

By | August 1, 2018


If you want to lose weight and no matter how much you try it seems like an impossible challenge for you. Exercising and dieting seems to be of no help and leaving you disappointed. Good food brings satisfaction to soul it makes you feel happy and content. Increasing weight is a house to many diseases leading to psychological stress. Developing surgical practices has opened a wide range of options for all these issues.


7 different types of surgeries are available for losing weight in India.

  1. Gastric Sleeve – It is a restrictive procedure that reduces the stomach capacity and hence patient feels full after a small intake of food. In this procedure about 25% of the original size of the stomach is reduced. This procedure is performed laparoscopic and is irreversible. The incision made is about 0.4 inches.
  2. Gastric Bypass – In this surgical procedure stomach is divided into small upper pouch and a much larger remnant lower pouch followed by the rearrangement of small intestine to connect to upper and lower pouch. This surgery is especially for diseased obesity.
  3. Duodenal Switch – feel less hungry & full sooner while eating, absorb fewer calories and minerals
  4. LAP-BAND – This procedure limits food consumption and creates an early feeling of fullness. The surgeon places a band in the upper part of the stomach creating a flattened structure which leads to a narrow passage for the food and the patient end up feeling full with eating less. After surgery the surgeon could fix the band for the slow movement of food into the stomach or quickly through your stomach. Laparoscopic gastric banding does not require any cutting or stapling inside your belly. This surgery is about a 45-30 minutes procedure for a skilled surgeon.
  5. Gastric Balloon – temporarily feel full sooner while eating (balloon removed after 6 months)
  6. vBloc Therapy – feel full between meals & less hungry while eating
  7. Aspire Assist – drain a portion of stomach contents after eating

Out of this Gastric sleeve and Gastric bypass are often preferred. Verticle Banded Gastroplasty (“Stomach Stapling” or VBG) is an outdated procedure which is no longer performed.


  • If you have tried losing weight by dieting and exercise.
  • If your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher.
  • Gastric bypass surgery is for those who have serious weight health issues like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea.
  • You should be a teenager who’s gone through puberty with a BMI of 35 or more.
  • While evaluating for weight loss surgery the health care team considers your nutrition and medical history, your medical condition and your physiological status and your age. A comprehensive pre-operative evaluation is most needed.
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Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Surgery 492000
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass 468000
Gastric Bypass including stapling 516000
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy 396000
Sleeve Gastrectomy including stapling 396800
Roux-en-Y Surgery 478200
Intra Gastric Ballooning 165000


The success rates of a weight loss surgery are entirely up to the precision of surgeons and hence for a surgery to be a success you need best medical facilities. The weight loss specialist in India guides you through the surgery and even after the surgery. Patient’s obedience with the dietary advice and life style modifications can bring a huge difference in results. Gastric bypass surgery can lead up to 60-70 % of the weight loss some can even loose weight for about in 18-24 months. Since this practice is cost effective in India, immense number of people patients flew in the country with medical visa for their surgeries.


  • It usually takes patients from 2weeks to six weeks for patient to feel normal again. Patient spends first few 4-5 days in hospital itself immediately after the surgery.
  • Activities such as walking help to increase circulation and hence the possibilities of formation of clots decrease.
  • Avoid lifting heavier than 20-30 pound for about 3months after the surgery.
  • Avoid sitting or standing for longer period of time. Change positions while sitting.
  • Patient may experience nausea, weak for first few weeks of the surgery so stay hydrated.
  • Keep your wounds clean.


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