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Organ Transplant in India


Organ Transplant in India

Cancer is one of those health hazards that need continual innovation in its treatment methodologies. The word ‘Cancer’ brings along with it the factors like fear, shock and grief. It is very crucial that the treatment procedures are made more patient-friendly. A lot of credit goes to the advancement in medical science, and the efficiency of the medical researchers, there are newer Cancer sure options being added. One of the options, which have made Cancer treatment further comfortable and relieving for the Cancer affected is the Limb Salvage Surgery.

This surgery is often used in combination with Radiation therapy and/or Chemotherapy and is a regular option for Cancer that is spreading slowly. In recent years, this surgery is being used for patients with chronic infections, Rheumatoid Arthritis and some other degenerative bone and joint diseases, and also patients facing limb amputation due to Diabetes and those with acute or chronic limb injuries. Get limb sparing surgery in India at the best hospitals for limb salvage surgery in India here.

About Limb Salvage Surgery

In the case of Bone Cancer or soft-tissue Cancer, surgery is usually the recommended cure. Sometimes, the entire limb has to be removed to get rid of the tumour; which is called as amputation. Earlier this was the primary method to get cured of Bone Cancer. But today, with Limb Salvage surgery, it is possible to cure Bone Cancer or soft-tissue Cancer at the same time avoiding amputation. This state-of-the-art procedure is undeniably extremely effective but it is important for the patient to be well aware of the advantages and risks involved and understand the complete procedure with the help of the surgeons. Request limb salvage surgery in India with the limb salvage surgery specialist in India by sending us your query. Get a fast track query reply from the best doctors for limb sparing surgery in Mumbai at the top hospitals for limb salvage surgery in Mumbai.

Also referred to as Limb Sparing Surgery, the primary goal of this modern technique is to remove the tumor and evade amputation for the Bone Cancer patients. Cancer specialists often do this highly specialized procedure so that the patients do not have to suffer the pain and shock of amputation. This surgery helps in the preservation of the tendons, nerves and blood vessels close by to the limb so that the limb can function harmoniously and also to maintain the stability and appearance of the limb to the maximum. Book an instant appointment with the limp sparing surgery specialist in Delhi by sending us your query here. Drop your query to request an instant appointment with the best specialists for limb salvage surgery in Mumbai.

Types of Limb Salvage surgery

Limb Salvage surgery has drastically evolved during the last three decades. There has been continuous innovation and now various options are available:

  • Tumour Megaprosthesis/ Endoprosthesis -
  • Expandible Megaprosthesis/Endoprosthesis in children (Invasive/ Non-Invasive)
  • Massive Bone Allograft (Osteoarticular, Intercalary reconstruction)
  • Autograft (Iliac crest, Vascularized/ Non-Vascularized Fibula)
  • Extra-corporeal Radiation & Reimplantation (ECRT- Tumor Autograft)
  • Arthrodesis with Massive Bone Allograft/Autograft
  • Allograft Prosthesis Composite (APC)
  • Intercalary segmental prosthesis
  • Limb reconstruction with Ilizarov, LRS
  • Van ness Rotationplasty
  • Turn-o-plasty

The Tests done before Limb Salvage Surgery

  • The patient's clinical history and complete physical examination
  • Imaging techniques like X-ray, MRI, CT Thorax
  • Biopsy is done, with or without image guidance performed mostly by the musculoskeletal Oncosurgeon, who will be performing the Limb Salvage surgery
  • Staging, which involves PET CT (FDG/NaF) or Bone scan along with CT scan of the chest
  • Counselling of the patient and appropriate guidance regarding the surgery
  • Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy

Conditions treated with the help of Limb Salvage Surgery

Limb salvage surgery is generally used in cases, for which, otherwise, amputation would have been recommended to stop the spread of Cancer in a limb. Usually, this surgery is used to treat Cancer like bone tumors and bone sarcomas, and also used for soft tissue sarcomas. In addition to this, recently, Limb Salvage surgery has been used for those patients, who are suffering from chronic infections, rheumatoid arthritis and other degenerative bone and joint diseases. Also, this surgery is beneficial for those who are facing the risk of limb amputation due to diabetes and acute or chronic limb injuries. Book an appointment with the top surgeons for limb salvage surgery in India by filling up the free consultation form given on the website.

The Procedure

This procedure is done in 3 stages:

  • In the first stage, surgeons remove Cancer and approximately an inch of healthy tissue to treat low-grade Bone tumours and its components. In the case of a high-grade tumour, the surgeons remove muscle, bone and other tissues that have been attacked by the tumour. For soft-tissue sarcomas, the surgeons remove the tumour, lymph nodes, or tissues, which have been affected by Cancer.
  • In the second stage, there is Implantation of a bone or prosthesis if required. The replacement is done by using synthetic metal rods or plates (prosthesis), Bone pieces taken from the patient’s own body, which is also called as autologous transplant or pieces of bone taken from a donor body (cadaver) that is kept frozen till there is requirement (allograft). There are some procedures that might be performed are compound flaps with different tissue components, skeletal reconstruction, tendon transfer or reconstruction. The surgeons evaluate the position of the implant and the close the site of surgery
  • It depends on the degree of Cancer, if Chemotherapy and Radiation are needed. Limb Salvage surgery given in amalgamation with Chemotherapy and Radiation is the chosen method of treatment for slow scattering Cancer. The patients have to stay in the hospital for about two weeks and are given antibiotics and anticoagulants to keep infections and blood clots away. Also, depending on each patient’s recovery, physiotherapy is also advised to strengthen the muscles, and to enable faster movement of the limb. With time, the replacement bone fuses with the original bone, and thus makes limb movement viable.


The goal of Limb Salvage surgery is to get rid of all the Cancerous cells and still leave with patient with a very functional limb. There is no doubt that the physical and psychological impacts of amputation are way more difficult to accept as compared to Limb Salvage surgery. This surgery helps to retain the functioning of the limb to the maximum possible level. Rather than prosthetic limbs, it is much easier and feasible for the patients to function with the help of this surgery. The patients can perform the daily activities with much more ease and confidence. With rehabilitative therapies and psychological support, the Limb Salvage surgery patients can get back to their routine lives faster and lead a quality life. Contact us to get low cost limb salvage surgery in India with the surgical specialist at best hospitals in India. Book a quick appointment with the best doctors for limb sparing surgery in Gurgaon by contacting us.

Some Hindrances

Though there are rare occasions when there are chances of this procedure proving to be failure, but there can be certain hiccups that may affect its success.

Factors like:

  • The age of the patient
  • Joint Instability
  • Patients more prone to infections
  • Prosthetic Fracture
  • Collapse of the Articular Cartilage

After Limb Salvage Surgery

  • Recovery depends upon the location and bone lesion. It takes about two weeks for the wound to heal. Also, there are other restrictions like avoiding lifting weights, diet restrictions, etc.
  • Physical therapy and guidance play a very crucial role in the rehabilitation phase after this surgery. Exercise under supervision is important for smoothening the functioning of the limb
  • In case of the any swelling or infection, the concerned healthcare specialists shoulb be immediately made aware about it
  • Also, because there is a life-long risk of infection, proper medications should be taken before going for any procedure like dental procedure or other invasive procedures
  • It is advisable to carry a medical letter while travelling

Why choose India for Limb Salvage Surgery?

Every passing year is witnessing a fast paced growth in India’s popularity as a medical tourism destination. There are uncountable examples where India has successfully cured patients from the most complex health disorders. Further, there is regular usage of latest medical equipment and technology to treat these health disorders. Limb Salvage surgery is one of the most intricate procedures and needs extremely high level of meticulousness, skill set and experience. Indian doctors and surgeons are internationally renowned to be some of the most proficient and highly knowledgeable about the most modern techniques. This has no doubt augmented the inflow of international medical tourists to India. Get fast track query for affordable price limb sparing surgery in India with the best surgeons for limb sparing surgery in India. Send your query to know more about the limb salvage surgery in Delhi. Contact the best specialists for limb salvage surgery in Gurgaon at the top hospitals for limb salvage surgery in Gurgaon by filling up the free consultation form.

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