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Step by Step Guide


Browse our website, for all details provided herein. Familiarise yourself with all the surgical procedures, panel of doctors, Ayurvedic and Rejuvenation centres and Tour India destinations that are at offer.

Identify the surgery / procedure,centres or a combination that you are interested in. Shortlist the consultant /centre offering that treatment.

Complete and send to us your enquiry, with your basic questions and concerns.

We will note your particular needs in terms of procedure(s) and your other questions and concerns. We will get back to you with answers to your queries thereafter. If you require, we can also give you a budgetary estimate of costs, for the procedure. You will also be given a list of test reports and other data that you will need to provide, to proceed to the next step.

Once you confirm your further intention to go to the next step, and have provided the required data to us, we will set up an email based consultation with the concerned specialist. You will be urged to ask as many questions as you would like about your intended procedure, at this time.

At the end of such consultation, our specialist will be able to confirm that your case is suitable for the procedure / surgery that you intend to get done. Based on this personal evaluation of the case, by the specialist, the final cost estimates will be conveyed to you.

Between your first consultation and your intended arrival for your surgical procedure in India, urges you to continue asking any questions of your surgeon that may come to your mind.

By asking about everything you need to know you can be sure of making an informed decision regarding your surgical procedure(s). These questions can be directed to your surgeon via email or telephonically as part of the service offered.

Once you have asked your surgeon all the questions you can think of, have discussed alternative treatments with him/her, are in agreement as to the desired outcome, fully understand the risks and have generally satisfied yourself that you wish to go ahead with the procedure(s), we will require you to make a non-refundable REGISTRATION deposit in order for us to go ahead with your provisional booking. We will make the pre-procedure appointments for consultation with the doctor, and also make arrangements to receive you at the airport, as also your stay and other arrangements. This registration amount would be approximately 30% of the expected treatment cost.

Two weeks prior to your arrival in India for your procedure we will expect your travel dates and flight details to be conveyed to us.

STEP 10:
On receipt of your travel details, your booking will be confirmed with you and your pre and post operative instructions forwarded to you together with a detailed itinerary of your surgery, medical appointments, recuperation, accommodation and your Tour India holiday (should you have opted for one).

STEP 11:
You will be welcomed at our International Airport by a forerunners heading representative and transported to your hotel / guest lodge where you may relax and be comfortable.

STEP 12:
The following day you will be transported by your companion to your pre-operative medical appointment with your surgeon. Neither you nor your surgeon is obligated to go ahead with the surgery / procedure until the completion of the pre-operative appointment.

Once your surgeon confirms that you can go ahead with the surgery as planned, and you are also comfortable with the decision, you will make your balance payment at this stage. Thereafter, the surgery will be scheduled.

If for medical reasons your surgeon feels the surgery should not proceed as scheduled, or you decide not to go ahead with it, your scheduled surgery will stand cancelled.

STEP 13:
In case you have decided to take your Tour India Holiday or opted for an Ayurvedic or Rejuvenation Package before the surgical procedure, you will depart for the holiday. Otherwise, you will be admitted to the hospital / clinic, to proceed with the medical procedure.

Either way THE forerunners heading REPRESENTATIVE will accompany you to either the airport or the hospital/clinic.

STEP 14:
At the end of your treatment and recuperation you will feel like a new person, fresh and full of energy. At this stage you will either be returning home or leaving for your Tour India holiday.

Regardless of whether you take your Tour India Holiday, at one of our magnificent destinations, before or after your surgical procedure(s), we are confident that you will experience a holiday of a lifetime.