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Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion (Scopinaro procedure) (BPD)



This operation includes controlled malabsorption without many of the potential side effects caused by bacterial overgrowth associated with the JIB. Them alabsorptive operations differ from the Gastric Bypass and the gastric banding, which work mainly through restriction.

The amount of excess weight loss after the BPD has been reported to be around 70 percent with weight loss in some patients persisting up to 18 years. However, like all weight loss data, this percentage of excess weight lost varies depending on the length of follow-up, the quality of follow-up, the country where the procedure was performed, the surgeon, and the initial weight of the patient. Being a malabsorption operation, however, the BPD requires life-long medical follow-up.



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Gastric Sleeve (Obesity Surgery) Patient

Elizabeth, Dallas



We provide consultancy on obesity surgery, gastric bypass surgeons, weight control surgery, banding, laparoscopic bariatric stapling, fat removal by surgery, lap band weight loss surgery and all the above mentioned surgeries.