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Aortic valve replacement surgery in India - Canadian citizen shares his second chance to live life

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aortic valve replacement, aortic valve replacement India, aortic valve replacement surgery Restaurant owner William from Canada was born with discriminating taste buds, an appreciation of fine wines and unfortunately severe stenosis and regurgitation of his aortic valve. His condition did not slow him down, but upon hitting the age of 40, Foreman's cardiologist warned him that down the road he would need to have his Aortic valve replacement.

My name is William Collins and I am a citizen of Canada, where I stay with my wife, Robyn, and our son, Ethan. In 2010, I was diagnosed with severe stenosis and regurgitation in my aortic valve. Days later, I learned that both my aortic and pulmonary valves would be replaced during an open heart surgery. Like many patients, I immediately struggled with the stress, anxiety and fear of heart surgery.I was confused.

I knew very little about heart valve repair or Aortic valve replacement surgery. I vividly remember the frustration my family and I experienced as we frantically searched the Internet for accurate answers to the complex questions about Aortic valve disease treatment. While googling I got to know many facts about heart diseases that affects thousands of people each year. Each year more than 250,000 patients undergo heart valve surgery around the world. But nothing was more touching and inspiring than reading the success stories of former heart valve surgery patients. However, as I started reading the Aortic valve surgery success stories, the thing that really touched me and inspired me was the human spirit expressed by the heart valve surgery patients were empowering. Their personal stories were filled with desire to truly appreciate life and the "second-chance" they received following their Aortic valve replacement.

The time that I spent over the internet not only gave me more information on Aortic Valve replacement and the surgery to cure it but the real stories inspired me to get up and say “This is not the end and this can’t be the end. I am not the only person who is suffering from a heart diseases. I am young and I will fight the diseases to win to live for my wife my son and my passion my Restaurant.” The other thing that caught my attention was Minimally invasive Aortic valve replacement surgery avilable in India. Eager to find more on this topic, I landed at the website of a medical tourism firm in India – Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy firm. The website contained everything about Aortic valve replacement. The new and technically very high procedure called the minimally invasive procedure that not only has higher success rate but the recovery from the surgery is quick and less painful than open heart surgery. Being quit impressed with the information and the cost of the services offered by the company decided to contact them to consult on my Aortic valve disease treatment. Mailed them my condition and the need for Aortic valve replacement surgery.

aortic valve replacement surgery India, aortic valve replacement surgery Canada, canadain citizens aortic valve replacement surgery Meanwhile I consulted my cardiologist in Canada about minimally invasive procedure for Aortic valve replacement. The doctor replied that this procedure was also available but the surgery costs much higher than open surgery as the technology used is extremly high and costly. The open heart surgery itself was very costly for me and opting for minimally invasive in Canada was out of question. But then while returning home from the hospital, I got a call from the executive of Forerunners Healthcare Group to say that minimally invasive Aortic valve replacement surgery in India could be arranged for me and to send in the reports so that they could consult with the doctor. I don’t know why but I felt that Forerunners can help me get the best of the surgery at an affordable cost and I said yes to them that I will be coming to India for my Aortic valve replacement surgery. I think that during your bad times you instantly feel for the thing that could help you out of your difficulties, your instincts just catches it.

If anyone ever gave me confidence, it was my Cardiac surgeon in India. On reaching India, I was taken straight to meet the surgeon by the Forerunners team. I sensed that he was a really top-notch heart doctor who knew what he was doing and that I had nothing to be nervous about. He explained what he was going to do. What I liked was that he was so calm and reassuring. I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be. I had my surgery Monday morning and woke up Monday night about 7:30 p.m. By Tuesday morning they had me up and walking and by Friday I was discharged. Everybody at the hospital was so nice and supportive. I have felt better in the last two weeks than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. After the surgery, my surgeon prescribed medications for my blood pressure and cholesterol. I also cut down a lot on sugar. I could not think of adequate words to describe how I feel about the Doctors at the Cardiac Hospital in India. I just couldn’t ever thank all of them enough.I have so much respect for them. Last but not the least a must mention about the Forerunners Team who co-ordinated my entire Aortic valve replacement surgery in India. Every small details were given importance to like the food I was provided during my stay in India, constant reports were send to my family back in Canada that how I was doing etc etc. Thank you so much its has been a pleasure to meet you all during my visit to India for my Aortic valve replacement surgery.

God Bless All!

William Collins

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