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Indian Surgeons offer Obesity Gastric Bypass Surgery in Goa at lesser Price

Obesity Gastric bypass Surgery in Goa at world renowned hospitals is offered along with a rejuvenating holiday at lesser price. Highly skilled super specialist obesity surgeons of Goa perform the surgery for better outcome. Goa is famous as holiday destination worldwide and apart from this it is now being considered as the best medical tourism destination. Medical facility provided in Goa is attracting the patient’s crowd from the western countries as they seek treatment at low cost. Goa is also famous for its exotic beaches and tourist locations that can be beneficial for faster recovery post treatment. So, patients can opt for Obesity Gastric bypass Surgery in Goa and can have a holiday with efficient results.

What is Obesity Gastric Bypass Surgery?

The Obesity Gastric bypass Surgery procedure is a type of bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery designed to reduce your food intake if you have tried and failed to lose weight through diet and exercise. Gastric bypass can greatly improve the quality of life not only because of an improvement in appearance and an increase in mobility, but also because it can reduce the number and severity of health problems that overweight people are prone to suffer, such as diabetes and heart/circulation problems.(See additional information in our gastric bypass surgery cost article.)

Who Needs Obesity Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Although Obesity Gastric bypass surgery may seem like the perfect solution to anyone’s weight-loss needs, the truth is that a gastric bypass is not for everyone, and not everyone will be a qualified candidate for this extensive surgical procedure. So who needs an Obesity Gastric bypass surgery? You may be considered a candidate for a gastric bypass if you are extremely obese (usually this means a Body Mass Index or BMI of 40 or more); if you are obese or very overweight—a BMI between 35 and 40—along with weight-related health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure; or if you are unable to lose any weight whatsoever through diet and exercise.

Obesity Gastric Bypass surgery Procedure

The Obesity Gastric bypass surgery is typically performed in a hospital or a surgery center, using General Anesthesia. Most of the time, the procedure is performed laparoscopically, which means the surgeon uses long instruments to operate through tiny incisions. In rare cases, the surgery will be "Open," performed through a larger, traditional incision. A surgery that begins laparoscopically may also be converted to an open procedure if the surgeon determines it is necessary.

The Obesity Gastric bypass surgery begins with multiple half-inch long incisions in the area of the stomach. The instruments are inserted through these incisions, and the surgeon begins by creating a pouch from the area of the stomach closest to the esophagus. The pouch is completely detached from the rest of the stomach, which is stapled closed and remains in the body (although it will no longer digest food). The sphincter muscle, which holds food in the stomach, remains attached to the unused portion of the stomach; the upper stomach sphincter becomes the entrance to the pouch.

Once the pouch is formed, the small intestine remains attached to the portion of the stomach that does not process food. An incision dividing the small intestine into a lower and upper section is made, with the upper section being stapled closed. The lower section of the stomach is then attached to the newly made pouch. The upper part of the small intestine remains in the body, attached to the unused stomach, but it, too, no longer processes food.

After the surgeon determines that the staples and sutures do not leak, the instruments are withdrawn and the incisions are closed, typically with absorbable sutures and sterile tape.

Recovery and Aftercare Post Obesity Gastric Bypass Surgery

After Obesity Gastric bypass surgery, many patients spend two to three days in the hospital, or one to two days for the laparoscopic procedure. On average, most people require two to five weeks of recovery before returning to normal activities.

For a number of days your abdomen will be swollen and sore, and you'll likely feel discomfort. Your doctor can prescribe medications to help you manage the discomfort.

All the techniques leave a permanent scar, but normally scarring is covered by clothing.

Aftercare treatments post Obesity Gastric Bypass Surgery typically includes a dietary plan, regular exercise, behavioral-modification therapy, and vitamin supplements. Your weight loss surgeon or plastic surgeon might require the use of a dietician, an exercise program, and possibly a psychologist for an extended period of time to assist you in your recovery. Plastic surgery after massive weight loss may be necessary to remove excess skin and fat and create a more shapely body profile. Panniculectomy and body lift are common post-bariatric procedures.

Why Goa?

Obesity Gastric bypass surgery in Goa is offered at low cost that is beneficial for patients who come from countries like UK and USA where surgery costs are too high. Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy offers you the treatment along with the best medical care and accommodation and all other service required during the treatment and has tie-ups with various obesity treatment hospitals having trained experienced surgeons dealing with international patients. What many tourists have now discovered is that Goa has a pool of trained doctors and nurses and an excellent network of hospitals that offer international standard treatments at fewer prices.

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