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Late Stage Degenerative Hip Disease Treatment performed at Orthopedic Hospitals of Goa

Late stage degenerative hip disease treatment performed at orthopedic hospitals of Goa has benefited many international patients that too at minimal cost. Goa is perfect holiday destination and now is referred as the best medical tourism destination. Surgeons performing treatment of degenerative hip disease treatment are experienced enough for giving the best possible results. Patients can have their treatment done at much lower costs that in western countries and can relax at beautiful beaches. Moreover it will be beneficial for their recovery. Hospitals in Goa are equipped with the latest technical gadgets required for medical procedures and amenities are well versed with the International standards. Late stage degenerative hip disease treatment at Goa is the best option for patients residing in countries like U.S and U.K because the costs of medical procedures in those countries are very high.

What is Late Stage Degenerative Hip Disease?

A degeneration or ‘wear and tear’ of articular (joint surface) cartilage, usually accompanied by an overgrowth of bone (osteophytes) narrowing of the joint space, sclerosis or hardening of bone at the joint surface, and deformity in joints of hip is called Late stage degenerative hip disease. Osteoarthritis is not usually associated with inflammation, although swelling of the joint does frequently occur in Osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis is called Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, DJD, or osteoarthritis. Other forms of arthritis (rheumatoid, post-traumatic, and other inflammatory disorders) frequently may have Osteoarthritis as the end-stage, making differentiation difficult.

Symptoms of Degenerative Hip Disease

Initially there may be joint stiffness, usually lasting more than 15 minutes, and typically following activity of the joint. Later there may be pain on motion of the affected joint, which is made worse with activity or weight-bearing and relieved by rest. Typically Osteoarthritis improves with rest and does not remain symptomatic at night time. It is usually better in the morning, and it worsens as the day progresses.

Late Stage Degenerative Hip Disease Treatment

Surgery may be dramatically effective for patients with late stage degenerative hip disease. Total hip replacement and newer hip resurfacing replacements can be extremely effective. The concerns about wear of the prosthetic joint surface in younger patients make this the most challenging aspect of future research in this area. Newer joint surfaces for joint replacement including highly cross-linked polyethylene, metal on metal bearing, ceramic bearings, and others have emerged and currently are available in the U.S.

Although arthroscopic surgery for hip replacement is a common procedure, its long-term effectiveness is unclear, and may be best for symptoms such as catching, locking, or those that have been present for only a short duration. In addition, not all patients that have arthritis should have an arthroscopy, as this may not improve their symptoms.

In younger patients with late stage degenerative hip disease, preserving procedures should be considered, in order to avoid a hip replacement. Although performed less frequently, hip preserving procedures, such as osteotomy (cutting the bone and realigning the bone or joint surface), may restore a joint to a normal alignment and be an excellent alternative to joint replacement.

Why Goa?

Late stage degenerative hip disease treatment at Goa is the most preferred option in international patients at minimal cost. These days it seems like every country in the world promotes itself as a heaven for medical tourism. The reality is that in most cases they offer sub-standard facilities and limited skills/qualifications. India has tens of thousands of skilled physicians and nurse practitioners for treatment. Over the last two decades, the economic boom in India has led to the building of medical facilities & infrastructure that rival the very best that western medical care in the west has to offer. Many of the physicians that practice in these hospitals and clinics have returned (to India) from the U.S. and Europe, leaving behind successful practices. While some small countries may be viable as alternatives for minor surgical procedures, India is the only mainstream option that offers a comprehensive solution for any and all medical needs and does this with the highest levels of service, facilities and professional skills like proving the treatment for Late stage degenerative hip disease.

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