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Best surgeons treating prostate conditions by Holmium laser surgery in Chennai- India

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best surgeons holmium laser surgery India, best surgeons holmium laser surgery, best surgeons holmium laser surgery Chennai We at Forerunners Healthcare group have tied up with best surgeons treating prostate conditions by Holmium laser surgery in Chennai-India. The medical facilities available in India pertaining to Holmium laser surgery at cities like Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore are among the best in the country. Recently, Mr. Lebna from Ethiopia visited for his Holmium laser surgery in Chennai-India. He shares his experience with us.

Hi, I am Lebna from Ethiopia. Recently, I had my Holmium laser surgery in Chennai-India. My life was just a living hell the moment I learnt about the prostate cancer detected in my body. After visiting couple of doctors, I was told to get the Holmium laser surgery. Having this surgery done in Uganda was a task next to impossible due to the crunch of medical resources; hence I had no option but to search over the internet. The search led me to a consultant called Forerunners Healthcare Group, which catered some low cost packages of Holmium laser surgery in Chennai-India. I then mailed my query regarding having my Holmium laser surgery in India. To which I got a call the very same day and explained me about Holmium laser surgery in India.

Holmium laser treatments use laser energy to remove obstructing prostate cancer tissue. A less invasive treatment option, holmium laser treatment provides immediate symptom relief and improves quality of life with little risk of complications. Holmium laser treatment uses a thin flexible fiber to transmit the laser energy to the prostate with a very high degree of precision. 

I was glad to know all about the Holmium laser surgery in Chennai-India. I, therefore, was convinced that India is the right place for Holmium laser surgery. I thus reached India, was picked up at Airport and was taken to the hotel by the executive of Forerunners Healthcare Group. Soon my Holmium laser surgery in Chennai-India was scheduled and the day of my surgery appeared. The procedure of Holmium laser surgery was completed in an hour or less, since the size of my prostate wasn’t that big to consume time. I experienced no bleeding, and got back to home without a catheter after an overnight stay. Pain medication wasn’t really needed and my doctor said that I can be back to normal activities soon after going home. Similar did it worked; I would certainly, recommend my friends to have their Holmium laser surgery in Chennai-India. And at the same time, like to express my words of gratitude to the executives of Forerunners Healthcare Group and my doctor.

Thank you,

Mr. Lebna


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