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Birmingham Hip Replacement surgery in India undertaken by an Iraqi citizen is satisfied with the results

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birmingham hip replacement, birmingham hip replacement India, birmingham hip replacement surgery Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India is a bone-conserving alternative to conventional Total Hip Replacement. Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India is very affordable which is made easily available by Forerunners Healthcare Group. International patients can request a free quote to us on Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India and can find it not only less in price to other developed countries but is made available without any compromise to quality of the material used for the surgery. Recently an Iraqi citizen came to India for his sucessful Birmingham Hip replacement surgery shares his experience.

Hello, I am Mr. Abdul Rasheed, I am from Iraq. Recently, I had my successful Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India. I would certainly say that the people of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants were behind this road to relief. Otherwise, I still remember how the pain led me nowhere; I was literally running from one corner to the other for finding solutions, unfortunately, I could hardly get anything except a new list of pain tablets and pills to get rid of my pain. But these things barely worked, and I was left with no choice but to consider some options abroad in getting things done under my Birmingham Hip replacement surgery. Moreover, I was told by my friend that having my treatment done in India would actually cost less and the quality which I will get would be at par with the hospitals found in western countries. Thanks to my friend who suggested me try my luck finding some solutions over the internet about having my Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India.

Amidst all this agony, I started looking for Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India on the internet, I came across a Medical consultant called Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I read about them thoroughly and the service it renders to people like us waiting for recovery. They good offers and packages pertaining to my Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India and other medical treatments and surgeries. The quality they promised was really hard to believe, however, many international patients vouched for the same while I personally went through their videos and testimonials uploaded over their website. I thus contacted one of the executives of Forerunners Healthcare Group through e mail, they responded right away, which was something I just wasn’t used to. They really seemed to be caring. They addressed all of my questions and concerns and scheduled my Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India as per my whims and fancies. Soon, I booked my tickets to India and left Chennai- India for my treatment.

When I reached for my Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India, I was welcomed by the team there and soon I felt all comfortable. The doctors immediately commenced my treatment by performing few tests through X-rays and an MRI. I felt so comfortable with them that I turned complacent about my smooth Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India! The surgeon was polite and very professional so what his team. The confidence of the doctor and his team relaxed me a lot. I was pleased how everything went and now completely feel that the trip to India was worth indeed. After instruction both before and immediately following Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India, I began exercising. I was walking the day after surgery and without crutches, all thanks to the team of Doctors and medical professionals of par excellence.
Overall, I am extremely happy with the results of the Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India. My surgeon was very forthright from the outset about the issues and expectations related to surgery of this nature as well as the importance of a patient's dedication to the post-operative rehabilitation process. The Forerunners Healthcare Group people phoned me everyday during the couple of days I was there, and they just called recently to check in on me. It's clear that it's more than a job to them. I am sure that with such a high quality service seen during my Birmingham Hip replacement surgery in India, I can now recommend anyone to visit there for any medical treatment or surgery.

Thank You

Abdul Rasheed

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