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Cardiac Pacemaker implant surgery in Delhi for Heart Treatment at best cardiac hospital

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cardiac pacemaker implant surgery Delhi, cardiac hospital Delhi, pacemaker implant surgery Delhi Cardiac Pacemaker implant in Delhi has benefited many international patients as it has benefited Mr. Raymond’s mother who was having severe heart problem known as arrhythmias. After visiting their family doctor back in Nigeria, they came to know about Cardiac pacemaker implant in India. The doctor recommended the name Forerunners Healthcare consultants the best medical tourism company in India.

Hello I am Raymond from Nigeria. I am pleased to share my experience in India for my mother’s Cardiac pacemaker surgery at Delhi.  After my mother was diagnosed with arrhythmias just a year back, we began to look at the inevitable solution which would be Cardiac pacemaker implant surgery. Forerunners Healthcare consultants came to our notice after seeing an article called Pacemaker implant in India on internet. This led to look at the Forerunners healthcare website and after reading the details of the Forerunners healthcare and its services across India, we decided to contact them. From that point the whole experience has been one of total professionalism at all levels. The International Marketing team answered all questions both medical and personal promptly and precisely. We were picked up at the airport and whisked away to the hospital. There was a brief administrative procedure to complete and then up to the room. The rest of that day was taken up by medical checks, x-rays etc. and a visit to the cardiac surgeon and his team for post surgery procedures.

My mother’s Cardiac pacemaker implant surgery was successfully carried out and after only 5 days stay she was discharged from the cardiac hospital in Delhi. Cardiac pacemaker implant is often done using a local anesthetic. Occasionally, a patient might be admitted to the cardiac hospital for a day or two but my mother was admitted in hospital for 5 days because of her age factor. The surgical procedure for pacemaker surgery includes these steps: An incision is made for the pacemaker. (This may be on either side of the chest or in the abdomen).The leads are inserted into a vein and guided to the heart. The leads are connected to the pacemaker. The Pacemaker and leads are tested. The incision is closed. The pacemaker is programmed. The entire procedure for Cardiac Pacemaker implantation may take about 2 hours. My mother was instructed to remain fasting for 10 - 12 hours before the surgery.

We received regular visits by other members of the medical team as well as the Head of Nursing on her rounds. The cardiac surgeons we on their feet checking my mother’s blood pressure, sugar level and monitoring her progress 24x7. The support services of housekeeping, maintenance and hospitality were all first class providing a total service that would be difficult to match by any other international standard hospital. In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone considering Cardiac pacemaker implant surgery in India, the services of Forerunners Healthcare consultants and would encourage you to make the decision and place yourself in the expert hands of this world class team.May God Bless AllMr. Raymond, Nigeria

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