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Read our Patient Testimonial- Korean Patient share his experience of getting the tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, India from our best tummy tuck surgeon in Delhi.

Cheap mini tummy tuck surgery at hospitals of Delhi in India

Hello! It’s Benjamin Kramer from Korea. I had my mini tummy tuck surgery at hospitals of Delhi in India at cheap rates. I was very much disturbed by my obesity. I was always the center of laugh among my friends. One day I was searching on the net and came across the forerunners consultants. I contacted to them and got all the infos related to the surgery. Then I completed a request for quote form. I could hardly believe it when I got a call from a director of the company,the same day. The doctor was so nice and patient with me while I asked question after question. He didn't pressure me at all, but just helped me  to understand how it all works and what my options were. It took me awhile to make the decision to go ahead, but when I did, The doctor was there to help me with last minute questions and provide encouragement. He made the whole process easy and fun. I got surgery dates for my mini tummy tuck surgery at the hospitals of Delhi in India from them and  flew to India on the very next day. I was taken to the hospital directly by the forerunners consultant. I was escorted to meet the surgeon for a pre-op consultation. He made me feel very comfortable and the medical facility was as fine as I had ever experienced. The cost of the mini tummy tuck surgery in India is almost half as compared to that of US and UK and is available to the international patients at the cheap rates at the hospitals of Delhi in India . The waiting lines in India are almost half. The hospitals there was high-tech having all the latest equipments and technologies. The staff was well trained and experienced too. The next morning I had my surgery and was ready the next day for site-seeing the historical areas of India. The cheap rates of mini tummy tuck surgery at hospitals of Delhi in India was really profitable to me as I saved money also and enjoyed the holiday tour too. I am very much thankful to forerunners consultants for all the precious care and hospitality.

Thank you very much forerunners and have a delighted future onwards!

To get your appointment For Tummy Tuck Surgery in Delhi at Tummy Tuck Surgery Clinics in Delhi from the Best Tummy Tuck Surgeons in Delhi, Contact Us

Special Services to Patients for Tummy Tuck Surgery in Delhi

Excellent Medical Professionals: Our dedicated team of excellent medical professionals for Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi include the best surgeon for Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi who are highly qualified.

World Class Medical Services: Our network of world class facilities includes the best hospitals for Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi, India has state of the art infrastructure. We have highly advanced technology and latest equipments and ensure to offer customized services.

Safe & Effective Results: We ensure to provide safe and effective results for Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi, India with fewer complication rates and less mortality rates.

Cost-effective: We provide low Tummy Tuck surgery cost in Delhi, India that suits your budget.

Additional Services: We assist with the arrangement of your entire tour including the appointment from the best surgeon for Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi, quotation for Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi, flight tickets, hotel accommodation, meals, personal airport pick-up optional sightseeing.

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Why Choose Tummy Tuck Surgery in Delhi India?

Choosing the Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi, India has the following advantages:

  • Best Tummy Tuck surgeons in Delhi have international exposure and training at Tummy Tuck Surgery Clinics in Delhi
  • State-of-the-art equipments at par with Developed Countries such as the US
  • 60-80% cost advantage over the US and UK
  • Fewer communication problems as English is a second language

Delhi has emerged as a perfect destination for medical tourism in India with millions of foreign visitors thronging here on a yearly basis. It is considered as one of the most historic cities of the world, having many tourist attractions which captures the interest of the inquisitive traveller. Our tie ups with the well established hi-tech tummy tuck surgery clinics in Delhi offers excellent care facilities which matches the highest standards of healthcare delivery worldwide. We offer exemplary services in the field of medical care from the hands of highly qualified and experienced Tummy Tuck surgeons in Delhi.

All these factors attract medical tourists from abroad to travel for Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi. Although, there are a number of hospitals and clinics of international standards, you can also find many not so sophisticated medical professionals following many traditional methods of treatments. Additionally, you will get the affordable Tummy Tuck surgery cost at the best hospitals in Delhi, India.

At Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, we offer the world class medical services at a price for tummy tuck surgery, Delhi that is comparatively cheaper. Our group ensures that utmost care is taken to maintain the quality of medical care. Further, you need not have to face the long waiting list, as patients seeking their Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi are given almost immediate treatment. Delhi will definitely leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated with its rich culture and welcoming residents.

To get your Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi from Our Best Tummy Tuck Surgeons in Delhi, Fill up the free inquiry form. Fill up the free Enquiry form