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Deal with your prostate cancer challenges with Prostate Carcinoma surgery at hospitals of Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad

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prostate carcinoma surgery Kolkata, prostate carcinoma surgery Pune, prostate carcinoma surgery Ahmedabad, prostate carcinoma surgery Prostate Carcinoma surgery in Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad in India is quiet easy to get with best possible quality and affordability. The foreign patients have of late been rushing to India for their various medical treatments and surgeries. The reason behind this haul is certainly the low cost treatment which comes with quality of world class standards. We at Forerunners Healthcare group are offering Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad in India and other medical treatments to countless international patients.

They take mesmerizing memories with them. Unlike others, Mr. Jeff Nwaeke and his father from Nigeria visited India for his father’s Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata. He shares his and his father’s experience with us.


To begin with, I am Mr. Jeff Nwaeke, I am from Nigeria. I could now sense a sign of relief on my father’s face after he had his successful Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata. My father was facing some problems while passing urine, the problem multiplied during night time, while later also found some blood stains. Thus, we visited a local doctor, the subsequent blood examinations and a very high PSA test revealed that my father is suffering from prostate cancer. I was really shocked to hear this, however, the positive part was that the cancer has not metestasized and is curable and non-virulent form of prostate cancer; we werevery lucky that his cancer was discovered on time. Soon we were seen moving from pillar to post for the solution of his Prostate Carcinoma Surgery, however, when I checked with the costing, facilities and quality it was far beyond our reach, I then decided to catch up with other countries, I tried with Thailand, Indonesia along with Asian countries including India, the result of Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in India, was really amazing. I got many links and people who rendered information on this subject, among them was the most suitable group called Forerunners Healthcare Group- a medical consultant. I then discussed the idea of my father’s Prostate Carcinoma Surgery with them. I mailed them all his medical reports, and other details. Soon I got a call from them explaining about the procedure for my father’s Prostate Carcinoma Surgery. It seemed an easy process; moreover the packages which were offered to us were within my reach and had many things which sound incredible to many in Nigeria. After discussing the same with my father, I confirmed his Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata. The company gave me some good offers which made things easy for us to decide. 

We soon left for my father’s Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata. Things in Kolkata seemed the perfect way as discussed, everything was organized at par with our expectation level. The first thing we did was to meet the cancer surgeon, he was a great person with impressive track record, and later when moved around the hospital at Kolkata, it too seemed good with all state-of-art-facilities. Soon the day for my father’s Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata dawned. The surgeon adopted Cryosurgery for my father’s Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata. The most common method of freezing lesions is using liquid nitrogen as the cooling solution. The super-cooled liquid may be sprayed on the diseased tissue, circulated through a tube called a Cryoprobes, or simply dabbed on with a cotton or foam swab. Less frequently, doctors use carbon dioxide "snow" formed into a cylinder or mixed with acetone to form a slush that is applied directly to the treated tissue. Recent advances in technology have allowed for the use of argon gas to drive ice formation using a principle known as the Joule-Thomson effect. This gives physician’s excellent control of the ice, and minimizing complications using ultra-thin 17 gauge cryoneedles. Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive procedure, and is often preferred to more traditional kinds of surgery because of its minimal pain, scarring, and cost; however, as with any medical treatment, there are risks involved, primarily that of damage to nearby healthy tissue. Damage to nerve tissue is of particular concern. My father’s Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata went smooth and with good impressive result.

My father after his Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata experienced some minor-to-moderate localized pain and redness, which was alleviated by oral administration of analgesics such as aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen (paracetamol). The doctors suggested few precautions; as we are back, I could see my father free from his ailment. It was a wonderful experience of having his Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata. I must take this opportunity to thank the medical consultant- Forerunners Healthguru Group who expedited the entire Prostate Carcinoma Surgery in Kolkata with care and prudence. Besides them, I would also like to thank the doctor and his medical team for being so kind and supporting. I am sure I would certainly recommend the medical consultant and medical treatments in India to my relatives and friends.

Thank you,

Mr. Jeff Nwaeke


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