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Get best HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India at low cost packages

HIFU prostate cancer treatment India, HIFU prostate cancer treatment, HIFU prostate cancer treatment low cost packages

HIFU prostate cancer treatment hospitals India, HIFU prostate cancer treatment surgeons, HIFU prostate cancer treatment surgeons India We at Forerunners Healthcare group are offering HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India at low cost packages. The medical facilities available in India pertaining to HIFU prostate cancer treatment at cities like Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore are among the best in the country. Recently, Mr. Runo from Kenya also visited and had his HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India. He shares his experience with us.

Hi, I am Runo from Kenya. Recently, I had my HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India. I remember the mess I evident in my life due to prostate cancer detected in my body. My doctor said that I need a HIFU prostate cancer treatment and that it’s next to impossible to get at my place. I had no option but to search over the internet. The search led me to a consultant called Forerunners Healthcare Group, which catered some low cost packages of HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India. I then mailed my query of having my HIFU treatment done in India.

The executive explained HIFU, as a short form for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a state-of-the-art technology acoustic ablation technique that utilizes the power of ultrasound to destroy deep-seated tissue with pinpoint accuracy for treatment of prostate cancer. HIFU focuses sound waves in a targeted area which rapidly increases the temperature in the focal zone causing tissue destruction. I was glad to know that HIFU is a 1-4 hour, one-time procedure performed on an out-patient basis under spinal anesthesia. Unlike radiation, HIFU is non-ionizing; this means that HIFU may also be used as a salvage technique if other prostate cancer treatments fail. I was convinced that India is the right place for HIFU prostate cancer treatment.

I thus reached for my HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India and was picked up at Airport and was taken to the hotel by the executive of Forerunners Healthcare Group. Soon my HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India was scheduled; the day of my surgery, I just lay on the table, and woke up! As if nothing happened, such smooth is the process of HIFU prostate cancer treatment. I walked about some, and walked out to the cab to return to the hotel. I asked to stop at McDonald’s for a burger as I was hungry. I ate in the room; I lay around for a bit, and went out to the hallways of the hotel for a 30-minute walk.

The next day, I was around the pool and read. Monday I flew home. The next few weeks I wore a suprapubic catheter as you will need to wait for the prostate swelling to reduce so you can urinate normally. I had no radiation of any sort. I did not need to bank blood and have that sort of operation. Indeed the HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India is the “perfect” procedure. I live an active lifestyle—biking, running, skiing, diving and hard physical work. Thanks to everyone who have been instrumental in arranging my HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India.

Thank you,

Mr. Runo


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