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Heart tumor surgery at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in India is performed by internationally acclaimed cardiac surgeons

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heart tumor surgery Mumbai, heart tumor surgery Delhi, heart tumor surgery Bangalore Heart tumor surgery at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in India gets an overwhelming response from global patients from all across the world. The reason behind this haul is that the foreign patients get quality service performed by internationally acclaimed cardiac surgeons. We at Forerunners Healthcare Group have been arranging various medical treatments and surgeries including the Heart tumor surgery at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in India with best possible medical amenities. Recently, Ms. Lucy from Nigeria came to India for her Heart tumor surgery in India. Read on to see what she has to say about his experience in India.

Hi! I am Ms. Lucy, I am from Nigeria. This is my story about my experience with a heart tumor that nearly killed me. A life changing event that I will never forget but made me a stronger person. I'm sure you have heard the saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger well that is a very true statement in which I am living proof. I had my Heart tumor surgery in Mumbai under the guidance and supervision of Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy firm – A medical tourism company operation in India. I will certainly cherish the moments I had in India during my stay for Heart tumor surgery in Mumbai. I still remember when my Nigerian doctor shared the results of the test conducted on me. He had a scared and puzzled look on his face. He told me that there was a tumor in my heart and that there was nothing he could do for me. He said that the medical treatment and facilities in Nigeria were not so advanced to conduct such complex surgery. But the doctor said that he knows a company in India that can provide Heart tumor surgery in India. He gave me the website address and the contact number of Forerunners Healthcare. The doctor was full of praises about the company and the CEO of the company and said that you will get the best Heart tumor surgery comparable to the standard of surgery available at other developed countries. Seeing that the doctor is so positive about the company, I decide to contact them. Initially mailed them stating in detail about my conditions, symptoms and the need for Heart tumor surgery. The company executive asked me to mail them my reports so that they could consult their cardiac surgeon for the treatment. The executive called back after discussing with the doctor. He explained me the entire plan of my stay and surgery in India. Asked me which city would I prefer from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore for my Heart tumor surgery. Mumbai seemed a more viable option to me and so I confirmed my Heart tumor surgery to be concluded in Mumbai.

In India, things were perfect as discussed, my surgery date was already fixed and soon I was all set for my Heart tumor surgery in Mumbai. My cousin who accompanied me to India was also impressed with the medical facility and technology available for the treatment and surgery, great showcase of work ethics and professionalism by each and everyone from the doctors, nurses, hospital staff everyone. One thing that I most admired during my Heart tumor surgery in Mumbai was that, everything you needed was in one place. No time was lost in going for test to test because everything was done in one place and so quickly. The medical team along with the Forerunners guys almost seemed to do things faster than I would have even expected.

Heart tumor surgery depends on tumor origin. It may include systemic chemotherapy or palliation. Tumors are excised unless another disorder (eg, dementia) contraindicates surgery. Surgery is usually curative. Exceptions are rhabdomyomas, most of which regress spontaneously and do not require treatment, and pericardial teratoma, which may require urgent pericardiocentesis. Patients with fibroelastoma may also require valvular repair or replacement. When rhabdomyomas or fibromas are multifocal, surgical excision is usually ineffective, and prognosis is poor after the first year of life; survival at 5 yr may be as low as 15%. Heart tumor surgery is usually palliative (eg, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, management of complications) because prognosis is poor.

My Heart tumor surgery in Mumbai was followed by a recovery which took few weeks to become perfect to return to my work and normal life. Now I am fit and fine and can enjoy life as I used to have in the past. And now I feel that anything is possible and the Heart tumor does not have to mean the end of our life. It is just one of many speed bumps we are bound to face on the road of life. Provided we have players like Forerunners Healthcare group who can expedite treatments like they did my Heart tumor surgery in Mumbai in India. Thank you so much Forerunners for everything you did for me. May God bless you all..


Ms. Lucy


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