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Heart Valve Disease Surgery Chennai - Get it done at best hospital to treat Cardiac Disorder

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heart valve disease surgery Channai, heart valve surgery India, heart valve surgery Chennai Mr. Ibako’s sister had suffered from Heart valve disease and the doctors in Nigeria suggested her for Heart valve disease surgery. They had no hope for the treatment in their own country because of the inadequate Medical facilities and insurgent situation. Mr. Ibako decided to travel to India and get her sister treated. On going through the internet he found about Forerunners Healthcare Consultant, best in India for medical tourism. Read on to know about his experience of coming to India for Heart valve disease surgery.

Hi, This is Ibako from Nigeria contented with the service provided by Forerunners Healthcare Consultant as my sister is now fine after having her Heart valve disease surgery in India. My sister couldn’t get the treatment in Nigeria so I was looking for better option and our doctor told us to get the treatment in India as it’s the best medical tourism hub. So from my internet search, I found out about Forerunners Healthcare Consultant. I did contact it through its website and its assistants helped me getting my sister’s treatment in India. They managed to get the doctors appointment, accommodation and other thing required during our stay in India for my sister’s heart valve surgery. After I and my sister travelled to Chennai, one of the assistant met us at an airport and we were on the way to the hotel. Next day we met one of finest Cardiac surgeon in India who resolved all our queries related to the surgery. Hospital was equipped with all the modern amenities and staffs out there were highly educated and caring.    

During Heart valve surgery, the breastbone is divided, the heart is stopped, and blood is sent through a heart-lung machine. A tube is inserted down the windpipe and connected to a machine called a respirator, which took over her breathing. Another tube is inserted through the nose and down the throat, into the patient stomach. This tube stopes liquid and air from collecting in the stomach, so the patient do not feel sick and bloated when the patient wakes up. A thin tube called a catheter is inserted into the bladder to collect any urine produced during the operation. A heart-lung machine is used for all valve repair or replacement surgeries. This keeps oxygen-rich blood flowing through the body while the heart is stopped. A perfusion technologist or blood-flow specialist operated the heart-lung machine.

After she was hooked up to the heart-lung machine, her heart was stopped and cooled. Next, a cut was made into the heart or aorta, depending on which valve is being repaired or replaced. Once the surgeon finished the repair or replacement, the heart was then started again, and she was disconnected from the heart-lung machine. The surgery took around 4 hours.

Post Heart valve surgery she was shifted to ICU and was under medical observation for three days. She was there in the hospital for a week. I would definitely recommend Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for Heart valve surgery in India as they provide service to the patient that is best. Cardiac Surgeons here in Chennai are trained abroad and have ample experience. The cardiac surgery Hospital of Chennai is of international standard with latest medical gadgets and best medical staff. Post treatment my sister has no complains and she is living her normal life. So if you are looking for treatment related to cardiac diseases then go for Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.    

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