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Mitral Valve repair surgery at Hospitals of Delhi and Hyderabad - Available tailor made package for quality conscious foreign patients

mitral valve repair surgery India, heart valve repair surgery India, mitral valve repair India

mitral valve repair surgery, mitral valve repair surgery Delhi, mitral valve repair surgery Hyderabad Mitral Valve repair surgery in India attracts a huge number of quality conscious foreign patients at the Hospitals of Delhi and Hyderabad. The packages provided by us - Forerunners Healthcare group is a perfect tailor made for quality conscious foreign patients. We have arranged many medical treatments and surgeries including the Mitral Valve repair surgery in India for patients both Indian and foreign origin. Recently, Mrs. Nweke along with her son from Nigeria came to India for her Mitral Valve repair surgery. Read to know her pleasant experience she had while getting treated in India.

Hi, I am Mrs. Nweke from Nigeria. Last month I had my successful Mitral Valve repair surgery in India. All credit goes to my medical consultant –Forerunners Healthcare Group. It was indeed a turning point of my life. I remember how appalled I was, the moment I learnt that I am suffering from cardiac problems, I was recommended a Mitral Valve repair surgery by my doctor. However, having my Mitral Valve repair surgery at my place seemed a bit difficult for many reasons. Hence I was left with no option but to search for some other alternative. To such souls, Internet is the best resort, I then asked my son to browse the internet, during which he came across   a medical consultant in India called- Forerunners Healthcare Group that manages your entire medical treatment affair in India. Also, we compared the Mitral Valve repair surgery in India with other countries like Thailand but found the former option the best. Called Forerunners guys for help and discussed the possibility of having my Mitral Valve repair surgery done in India. The executive at the other end was kind and supporting; he collected my reports and gave me a call after having an opinion with the Indian medical experts. He explained me at length about my Mitral Valve repair surgery in India. He offered me some really good tailor made packages at the Hospitals based at Delhi and Hyderabad.

In India, the first thing that worked out was our meeting with the cardiac surgeon, wherein he made me comfortable with his confidence and polite nature. I was amazed to see the success rate of Mitral Valve repair surgery carried by my doctor.  My nervousness soon vanished. He informed that my problems with the posterior leaflet would be repaired by a Mitral Valve repair surgery through a small resection of the abnormal portion of the valve. Anterior leaflet dysfunction is managed by creation of new chords transfer.

After 2 days stay at the hospital where I had my pre surgery test and medications, my Mitral Valve repair surgery day arrived, and I left for the operation theatre where everything went smooth and hassle free with no complications and side effects. My Mitral Valve repair surgery in India followed a recovery of almost 3 weeks. My surgery was nothing but a miracle to me. I am feeling great and ready to do anything as I could do in past. The company Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy has been instrumental in arranging my successful Mitral Valve repair surgery in India at Delhi hospital. I must thank them and to my doctor who did my surgery. Thank you all and may God bless you!


Mrs. Nweke

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