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StomaphyX for Obesity surgery at Obesity Treatment Centers of Goa at an affordable cost

stomaphyX obesity surgery India, obesity surgery India, medical tourism India StomaphyX procedure for obesity surgery is offered at internationally accredited obesity treatment centers of Goa having the most experienced surgeons at an affordable cost. Forerunners healthcare provides all the necessary services for patients across the world to get StomaphyX procedure for obesity surgery at best hospitals of Goa. Many patients from different countries had treatment in India and they are very much satisfied with the positive results. After the treatment the patient can visit beaches as Goa is famous for its beaches and carnivals.

The StomaphyX procedure is a remarkable new technique that is used to re-tighten a gastric bypass through the mouth, without any incisions. If a patient has undergone gastric bypass surgery and either their stomach pouch or their stoma (this is the connection between the stomach and the small intestine) has stretched, the patient has a strong tendency to re-gain weight. The StomaphyX procedure is a very low risk, straightforward, outpatient procedure that allows the surgeon to shrink the stomach from the inside, like taking darts or tucks in a waistband that is too large. The size/volume of the stomach can be reduced up to 80%, which gives the patient a small stomach that fills quickly and empties slowly. Patients have reported that it gives them a fresh tight feeling similar to having had a new gastric bypass. This allows them to reduce the amount of food they eat and the number of times they eat, without feeling overly hungry.
Many patients across the world prefer StomaphyX procedure in Goa. India is one of the best destinations for international medical tourism which have top quality medical expertise to offer but also have great travel destinations where one can enjoy a medical vacation. Forerunners healthcare offers you a complete package of surgical treatment in India for specialized healthcare sectors. Forerunners healthcare provides low cost treatment at state of the art hospitals of Goa and neither treatment facility nor accommodation facilities are compromised. Surgeons are well qualified and mostly are well experienced in US, UK.

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