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Customized Package for Health screening in Kerala

health screening India, health screening centers India, health screening packages Kerala Health screening packages in Kerala provided by Forerunners Healthcare India offers medical treatment along with other leisure activities like trekking, cycling, jogging, swimming, massages, spa and sauna at the best places in Kerala. Kerala's health care advantages, combined with hospitality, seamless and integrated services, access to telecom and Internet services, tourist attractions, etc, provide a very tempting package.

With today’s busy lifestyle’s, finding the time to visit the doctor can often be difficult, but it is important not to forget about your health. Costomized packages for Health screening in Kerala offer both reassurance and the best chance of early detection of potentially serious. Health problems. India’s well known screenings centers provides comprehensive consultations with an experienced medical professional where there is time to discuss any health concerns and receive individual advice for your future health. These Health screening centers in Kerala offers convenient appointments with complete confidentiality, a comfortable environment and a personal approach.

Health screening is essential for the early detection of diseases and conditions that can cause disability and death. Early detection allows diagnosis and management of illnesses to be done appropriately. When all that is taken care of, your health and wellness could be enhanced to achieve your lifestyle aspirations. Health screening in Kerala gives a detailed picture of your current state of health. Spotting abnormalities at an early stage increases the chances of early diagnosis of serious illness. Most abnormalities will turn out not to be serious, however your GP will be in a position to carry out further investigations as necessary.

Some general Health Screening Preparation:

  • Fasting is required for 8 hours prior to health screening. Plain water is allowed.

  • Bring along past medical/ health screening reports for doctor's reference.

  • For females, it is advisable for your health screening date to be at least 1 week after the last day of your menstruation.

  • For treadmill, kindly bring along jogging attire and shoes.

  • For ultrasound abdomen, prior fasting of 6 hours is necessary.

  • X-rays are not recommended for pregnant women or for those who have done a similar x-ray less than 6 months ago.

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