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Private health care by best colon cancer surgeons at hospitals of Bangalore in India

Nowadays many foreing patients are getting private health care by best colon cancer surgeons at hospitals of Bangalore in India as they are getting their surgery done at low cost as compared to US and UK. It is a testimonial of Mr.Mekonen who got incredible results with the private health care he received by the best colon cancer surgeons at hospitals of Bangalore in India. One day he found blood in his stool. It was very shocking for him. He contacted to his family doctor at Ethiopia. After taking all the tests he was diagnosed of having colon cancer. It was very shocking news for him. Let’s hear from Mr.Mekonen itself, “I was very shocked that I can suffer from such a big disease like cancer. I was very much worried also but my family doctor made me at ease. He suggested me to fly to India for further treatment as Ethiopia lacks latest technologies and equipments. I flew to India with my brother. We both were very much worried about all the arrangements but thanks to forerunners consultants for making everything available to our finger tips. We were received by the forerunners consultants at the airport. He took us directly to the hospital and there I met with the surgeon. He was very fantastic person.  I had a pleasant time during my colon cancer surgery by the best surgeons at hospitals of Delhi in India. Nurses and staff were very nice, sociable and considerate of my queries I had. They also take nice care of my brother who came with me. They always made sure that he was okay and looked after him and kept him informed while I was in the recovery room. I made friends with majority of the people as I felt comfortable and at ease,. Whenever I was nervous, I made them aware of this and they immediately made me feel comfortable again. They all spoke good English so communication was not a problem. The housekeeping did a excellent job and kept everything spic and span. Many thanks to everyone in the organization and to the people back home who introduced me to these people and hospital. It was my pleasure to have my surgery with the best colon cancer surgeons at hospitals of Bangalore in India, I am very much thankful to the nurses and especially Dr.bojwani and his team for giving such nice private health care  to foreign patients; who came to totally new atmosphere. He has done a good job on me. One thing for sure I would recommend forerunners consultant to anyone considering surgery abroad and would definitely come again. Take care and God bless.

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