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Successful pregnancy with Microsurgical VasoVasostomy Technique at hospitals of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore

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microsurgical vasovasostomy technique, microsurgical vasovasostomy technique Mumbai, microsurgical vasovasostomy technique Delhi Mr. Elier Cardona from Kuwait came to India for Microsurgical VasoVasostomy at hospital in Kolkata provided by Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy. Mr. Elier Cardona is from Kuwait and they couldn’t get the treatment in his own country so his doctor told him to get the treatment done in India. Doctor suggested Forerunners healthcare Group’s name as it’s the best medical tourism company in India.

Yesterday afternoon, at 1:51 p.m., my wife delivered a healthy baby boy via Caesarean section. Less than 18 months after my Microsurgical VasoVasostomy surgery in Kolkata, we have our child! It all turned out great; mother and son are doing fine. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 10.7 ounces. And this was only possible because of the support of Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy who arranged my Microsurgical VasoVasostomy surgery in Kolkata. My wife and I want to thank you for the amazing work that you do. We are so grateful and appreciative of your kindness, the dedicated and talented team you have that helped me in availing my Microsurgical VasoVasostomy surgery in Kolkata. Thanks to you, we now have a beautiful baby boy. I was almost 12 years post vasectomy and was told that ten years was pretty much the max. My wife and I had all but given up hope of conception, My urologist said that the chances were very slim of conception. Doctors back in Kuwait said nothing can be done. We wanted a family very despirately. But my problem was solved the day I contacted Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy for my vastectomy reversal surgery. The company put my case under the best surgeon of India who told me that through Microsurgical VasoVasostomy Technique, I still have the chance of getting my fertility back and welcome a new life into my family. Forerunners Healthcare Group made all the arrangements to get my Microsurgical VasoVasostomy at best hospital of Kolkata. I came to Kolkata and all the arrangements were done as per our telephonic discussion. The day I reached Kolkata, I had my first meeting with my surgeon who explained me the entire procedure for Microsurgical VasoVasostomy and confirmed that this technique has been a huge success to regain fertility after vastectomy surgery.

The next day everything was ready for my Microsurgical VasoVasostomy. In Microsurgical VasoVasostomy technique surgeons prefer is a two or three-layered closure using 10-0 and 9-0 suture (half the thickness of a human hair). He places 6-8 interrupted sutures in the mucosa or inner layer of the vas to ensure that the repair is water-tight. This is very important because one reason that vasectomy reversals fail is that sperm leak out from the vas at the surgical site and cause inflammation and a new blockage. The muscular layer of the vas is then re-approximated adding strength to the repair. The surrounding connective tissue is also brought together as a third layer to take any tension off of the repair site. The skin incision is then closed. After my Microsurgical VasoVasostomy in Kolkata I was totally alright. I was at the hospital for a day under observation. Then I was discharged and was ready to go home.

Thank you to Forerunners Healthcare, the executives of Forerunners Healthcare, the medical team, the doctors eveyone, for your fine efforts and skill, we adore, nurture, and thoroughly love our sweet bundle from heaven.Your gift of talent from God has bestowed many blessings upon others like us. May you stay inspired and continue to inspire. You have changed our lives for the better for the rest of our lives. Considering the odds against us: the time between vasectomy, the time it took to get pregnant, the thosands of mile round trip to do the surgery. Words cannot describe our gratitude, appreciation and respect we have for Forerunners Healthcare consultancy and the staff. The doctors back in Kuwait gave up hearing that 12 years before I had for my vastectomy. You truly are angels on earth and have a gift that enables couples like us to have their dreams come true. We know that God is ultimately in charge and he had a plan for us. Finding you, blessing us with our son and teaching us to never lose faith was all part of the beautiful plan for our family. I know that I made the right decision by selecting Forerunners Healthcare Group for my Microsurgical VasoVasostomy in Kolkata. I know for sure that Forerunners Healthcare Group will have a great future.

Thank You!

Elier Cardona,


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