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Mr. Kevin Steven, Ireland
combined cervical disc  replacement and cervical fusion surgery

I am Kevin Steven from Ireland. I came for my combined cervical disc replacement and cervical fusion surgery in India. I had suffered a lot so far due the extreme pain in my back and neck. It was going severe and severe as the days passed by. When I consulted my GP he told me undergo some tests and the MRI to know about the problem I was facing. After getting the tests done I was told that I need two different surgeries. I was very much afraid for a while. I needed the disc replacement for the c3 and c4 disc ad the cervical fusion for c4 and c5 disc. I tried to find out some surgeons in Ireland.  


But, there was a long waiting and no body was ready to do both the surgeries at a time. They told that I need to wait at least for 3 months after getting one surgery. And I was quite aware of the concept called medical tourism. And, I started looking forward for some medical tourism companies in Asia which can help me out for the same. Then I found Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India. I submitted my reports and MRI to them for there clinical advice. Then I ad a couple of calls with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani about my surgery. He answered all my queries very nicely. He made me very much comfortable with him. Initially, I was not very much sure that I want to get my surgery in India as it was going to be a very serious surgery. But, after having a brief discussion with the company, I got my cervical disc replacement and cervical fusion surgery in India arranged. They were the only one who was ready to provide me both the surgeries at a time and at a very much reasonable medical fees.

In India, I was received by a customer relations officer of the company. He took me straight to the hospital where I was supposed to get the surgery done in India. The hospital was very nice and beautiful. I was feeling like I was n my own country. Indians are indeed the friendliest people I ever met in my life. The staff of the hospital was very nice and caring. They were very nice and helpful. The surgeon was very nice and caring. I was feeling like I was under consultation with my GP.  The surgeries went very nicely. I am very happy with the treatment I got for my cervical disc replacement and cervical fusion surgery in India. I am definitely going to recommend Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for getting the treatment in India.

I want to thank Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his whole team for their help and support in arranging my cervical fusion and cervical disc replacement surgery in India.