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cervical spine fusion surgery, cervical spine fusion India, cervical spine fusion surgery Nigeria

Mr. Bazuaye - Nigeria
Cervical Spine Surgery in India

Nigerian patient shares his saga of relief and satisfaction after having his Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery in India


cervical spine fusion, cervical spine fusion India, cervical spine fusion Nigeria Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery in India has emerged as the most preferred medical treatment by overseas patients from all across the world. The reason behind this haul is the presence of high quality medical treatment and surgery including the Cervical Spine Fusion in India at quiet affordable cost. We at Forerunners Healthcare Group have been instrumental in managing and arranging various medical treatments and surgeries with best possible means and resources. Every year thousands of international patients flock in for various medical treatments and surgeries and return taking healthy experiences back home. Unlike many, recently Mr. Bazuaye from Nigeria was in Mumbai for his Cervical Spine Fusion in India, read on to know more about his saga of relief and satisfaction.


Hello, I am Mr. Bazuaye. Recently, I had my Cervical Spine Fusion in India making my life worth living. Thanks to the relentless efforts put by my medical consultant Forerunners Healthcare Group, for making this possible. Otherwise, I've been living with sever back pain for a long time and was so frustrated trying some options at my place that I thought, I would never be able to get relief. I was seen often moving from pillar to post with this pain until I came in touch with an old friend who had similar problem which was effectively made possible by having his Cervical Spine Fusion in India. My friend shared his pleasant experiences he had in India during his treatment, and gave me the contact details of the medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Group.  It seemed like a ray of hope for me, and I sat with my computer studying and researching about the medical consultant. After reading about them to a substantial amount, I realized that the packages which they were offering were pretty appropriate and within my reach, and thus worth contacting them. I mailed them my query along with my medical reports about having my Cervical Spine Fusion in India. I got an immediate call from them, wherein the executive explained me in detail about the Cervical Spine Fusion, my stay, hospital, the surgeon everything. The preposition seemed quiet lucrative to reject, hence I applied for the visa and soon boarded the flight for India.

Soon my wife and I reached for my Cervical Spine Fusion in India. On meeting my surgeon, I became confident about my well-being. I was relaxed following the conversation with the doctor. Was pleased to see the ambient and good infrastructure of the hospital where I was treated. Soon the day dawned when my Cervical Spine Fusion in India was scheduled. In this procedure the doctor makes an incision in the front of the neck. He then removes the interveterbral disk. This is done with a procedure called an anterior cervical discectomy. Then the space where the disk is filled with a graft of bone is usually taken from the patient's pelvis. The area is then fused. Although a Cervical Spine Fusion limits range of motion at the affected vertebral level, this procedure can be very effective for relieving the pain associated with compressed nerve roots. In this way my Cervical Spine Fusion in India was performed with utmost care and precautions, thus making me free from the ailment. My surgery required a short stay in the hospital and I was given to wear a brace on my neck (cervical collar) for my effective recovery.

Now, when I am free from the back pain after having my Cervical Spine Fusion in India, I should take the opportunity to express my words of gratitude. Indeed, it was a blessing for being treated through my medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Group. I am really touched with their professionalism and true concern for my well being which was seen in no doubt to their only priority. And besides, my surgeon and the medical team who performed my Cervical Spine Fusion in India, with great care also deserve all accolades. I will now recommend anyone and everyone for any treatment or surgery including the Cervical Spine Fusion in India.

Thank you,

Mr. Bazuaye