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 International Patient Videos

Mr. Ibrahim Abba, Cameroon
Prostate Cancer Surgery

Cameroon patient at a prostate cancer surgery hospital at Goa in India.

Mr Ibrahim a Cameroon patient was hospitalized at a prostate cancer surgery hospital at Goa in India. He had cancer tumors in his prostate gland that often caused pain to him and he searched for a good healing option as he was also having a problem in urination process he was seeking a medically advanced cancer surgery hospital for curing prostate cancer. Mr Ibrahim knew very well that getting prostate cancer surgery in a European country would make him pay a high cost expense and he was not prepared for it. On asking his local doctor Mr Ibrahim got the name of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani an international healthcare service provider through his team of Forerunners Healthcare



who helped him in finalizing a surgery at a prostate cancer surgery hospital at Goa in India. Ibrahim says “I visited the website of Forerunners Healthcare and got info about the healthcare  procedures available in India. The cost of prostate cancer surgery in India was very affordable, Dr. Bojwani talked to me on the phone and assured me that getting an early date for medical  appointment won’t be difficult as he had a team of associate cancer surgeons working at Goa. After a time of 3 days I was given an appointment for my prostate cancer treatment by a prostate cancer surgery hospital at Goa in India. My medical travel arrangements were made by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his team I had no problem in getting medical hospitalization. The doctor recommended to me by Dr. Bojwani showed a high quality of medical professionalism in his work and he was very punctual in making medical visits to me. I got care from a well trained medical staff and the team of Forerunners Healthcare looked after each and every need of mine. The medications provided to me was of the best kind and effect suited to my health needs and what to say of the food it was pure and hygienic. I was bade good bye from the team of Forerunners Healthcare and the Indian hospital staff in a very friendly way and just after 3 weeks of getting the surgery from the prostate cancer surgery hospital at Goa in India I started seeing signs of recovery. Now I feel more fine than before as I have no problem in urinating and the pain of prostate gland has also gone. Forerunners Healthcare is really great.”

Mr Ibrahim