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Get discounted cost Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata and Chennai at advanced clinics of international standards

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Mr. Eze - Nigeria
Health Checkup and Dental Treatment


dental root canal treatment India, dental root canal treatment, dental root canal treatment  procedure India The Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata and Chennai-India seems to have been pulling a pool of foreign patients for obvious known reasons which include quality service at advanced clinics maintaining international standards, delivered by the most experienced and skilled dental surgeons. Interestingly, these medical treatments and surgeries including the Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata and Chennai-India come with affordability factor as the major backbone. The packages provided by Forerunners Healthcare group renders with perfect tailor made and we have been delivering our service for more than half a decade.


Recently, Mr. Ezze Amad from Nigeria was in Kolkata-India for his Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata-India and also had his father’s complete health checkup. Read to know more about their pleasant experience he had while getting treated in India. For me, Eze Amad and my father a Nigerian, it was a mind boggling experience having my treatment for Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata-India and his health check up.  I must say that the treatment I had at the advanced dental clinic maintain the international standards. So was the impression of my father after having his complete Health check up. Having worked with creative people for quiet sometime, I know an artist when I see one. And the dentist treating me was indeed an artist! Since was amazed to get my beautiful new smile! I feel like a new person! You know, I had not been smiling for such a long time because my teeth were in bad shape. I had a dental phobia I just couldn’t conquer. But I had heard great things about Dental root canal treatment in India from several sources, including the internet.  I then came in touch with a medical consultant in India called Forerunners Healthcare Group.

I am so thankful that I put my fear aside long enough to email and the prompt return email, the concern, warmth, and gentle reassurance made by the executive of Forerunners Healthcare Group made for my Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata-India created a huge difference. I along my father reached India at the pre decided dates. Dental root canal treatment is a dental procedure which helps in removing the entire internal parts, mainly pulp chamber of the tooth. It also involves the filling of the prepared empty cavity with a suitable bio-compatible material. This procedure is done and advised only when the tooth can not compensate restoring material in a small cavity on the surface. The procedure involves the removal of the nervous elements of the tooth which have been infected or decayed already due to microbial action or any physical pressures. The procedure of Dental root canal treatment involves the root canal is also called as root canal therapy or root canal treatment. This is the only procedure that can help when the entire pulp and its contents are decayed. This procedure of root canal treatment can be done by a general dentist, but the one who specializes in this field is an Endodontist. My entire Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata-India went smooth and all of a sudden-my smile is back! Just think! While my father’ had the similar experience at his complete health check up, he was dealt with the best doctors and medical experts, and was given the best and professional treatment.

The attention to detail and the craft the doctors exhibited in making my Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata-India made my looks just perfect and beautiful. Well, it reminded me of watching a sculptor work on a piece of art. I’m not kidding. The doctors in India are really an artist!  I can’t tell you what a difference this is making in my life. People tell me I look “different” (in a good way!) and I feel like a new man. Those dental issues have gone. I also look forward to the next step of recommending Dental root canal treatment in Kolkata-India. It’s such a blessing not only to look better, but more important, to get rid of a serious psychological barrier to my health. While my father too is happy after having his complete health check up in India.

Thanking you

Ezze Amad