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Malignant cancer tumor surgery, robot-assisted surgery India, malignant cancer tumor surgery video, malignant cancer tumor surgery testimonial

Mr. Jeff Nwaeke, Nigeria
Cancer Surgery for his father

Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India – Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment to cure your cancer


malignant cancer tumor surgery India, malignant cancer tumor surgery, malignant cancer tumor, malignant cancer tumor diagnosis Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India is available for international patients coming from all the nook and corner of the world who are suffering from cancer. Such medical treatments in India get a good response for various known reasons like the presence of competent medical infrastructure with state of art facilities and high skilled medical team along with low cost factor. We at Forerunners Healthcare group are offering Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India and other medical treatments to countless international patients. They take away unforgettable memories with them. Unlike others, Mr. Jeff Nwaeke’s father from Nigeria also visited and had his Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India.


He shares his father’s experience of getting his treatment in India with us.

Hi, It was the most incredible thing I had, seeing my father of getting away from the clutches of the menace called Cancer though his Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India.  This is Mr. Jeff Nwaeke from Nigeria. At the outset, a big thanks to our medical consultant Forerunners Healthcare group, who managed all the medical affairs in India for my father. Otherwise, the mess he had in his life was really a matter of concern for all of us. Few months back he started experiencing few symptoms like frequent urination a pain sensed during urination, weak or interrupted urine flow and at times blood in the urine. This worried my father, we immediately consulted the doctor, he then after having few tests including a biopsy said that my father is suffering from prostate cancer and would now require Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery. I was really unnerved to learn this, and wanted some solution to this problem. We tried finding some solution back in Nigeria, but all vain, luckily a family friend of mine, suggested me if I can plan my father’s Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India. He then passed me the details of the medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Group. Hence, visited the website of Forerunners Healthcare Group, checked about the hospitals, surgeons, read testimonials of their patients etc. After going through its site, I realized that the packages offered were quiet affordable and within our reach, and traveling for my father’s Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India is an easy process.  I then dropped them an e-mail about the Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India. The reply was quick asking to send his medical reports. The other day, the executive of Forerunners Healthcare Group called me up, she explained me the procedure of getting the Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India with the best available resources. The packages offered were competent which made things easy for us to go ahead with Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India.

I booked our tickets and reached India. Soon we reached for my father’s Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India. I was really happy to see the arrangements the guys from Forerunner’s did for us, moreover, the doctors, the hospitals, were excellent. We met the surgeon who was suppose to treat my father, he was aware of my father’s case and comforted us his tender voice, and assured us to have the best treatments. The day soon came for my father’s Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India. The surgeon adopted the robot-assisted surgery for my father’s Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery, during which he made five small incisions in the abdomen through which the surgeon inserts tube-like instruments, including a small camera. This creates a magnified three-dimensional view of the surgical area. The instruments are attached to a mechanical device, and the surgeon sits at a console and guides the instruments through a viewing device to perform the surgery. The instrument tips can be moved in a variety of ways under the control of the surgeon to achieve greater precision in surgery. So far, studies show that traditional open prostatectomy and robotic prostatectomy have had similar outcomes related to cancer-free survival rates, urinary continence, and sexual function. However, in terms of blood loss during surgery and pain and recovery after the procedure, robotic surgery has been shown to have a significant advantage.

Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India concluded with a big success, I was really glad to get my father back otherwise people often go cynic after hearing this dreadful disease. Indeed the credit of this success goes to the people of Forerunners Healthcare, the surgeon who actually did his Malignant Cancer Tumor Surgery in India. I without any delay would like to express my words of gratitude for these people who did a great deal of work in making things possible for us. May God bless them all!

Thank you,

Mr. Jeff Nwaeke