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Ms. Elizabeth - Nigeria
Gall Stone Surgery in India

Ms Elizabeth from Nigeria is ecstatic and joyous after her Laser Gallstone Surgery in India


laser gallstone surgery, laser gallstone surgery India, laser gallstone surgery Nigeria, laser gallstone surgery cost Laser Gallstone Surgery in India is the most preferred procedures by international patients coming from all the direction of the world. The reasons are pretty obvious: since Laser Gallstone Surgery is extremely expensive procedure in developed nations, generally not affordable in countries like US or UK. Hence, global patients prefer to have their Laser Gallstone Surgery in India as here it is quiet cheaper in costs and come with same medical standard and facilities as practiced in developed nations. The clinics here delivering these treatments are place of highest standards of surgical excellence and patient welfare and performed under the supervision of highly skilled Urological Surgeons.


We at Forerunners Healthcare Group have a tradition of serving international patient with hardcore professionalism and care, and this is the reason why every year we get countless of them. Unlike these, Ms. Elizabeth from Nigeria was here last month for her Laser Gallstone Surgery in India; she has shared us her experiences, read more to know about her pleasant experiences of getting the said treatment.  

Hi there! My name is Ms. Elizabeth and I am from Nigeria. Last month, I had my Laser Gallstone Surgery in India which was carried out the best by my medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Group. I am obliged for their diligent and efficient service rendered. I remember how my health was in bad shape due to the gallstone issues. I noticed symptoms like abdominal bloating and discomfort after eating, which later happened on a frequent basis along with constant pain in my belly. I got worried tried consulting a local doctor, he suggested me some pills to ease these tendencies, but nothing really worked. I therefore, felt like taking an advice of Urologist. I narrated my medical conditions and the symptoms, the doctor then asked me to do some tests including Ultrasonography, which eventually revealed that I have a Gallstone issue and thus require Laser Gallstone Surgery.  The doctor suggested some places, though couldn’t get any viable solution to settle down my problem. Hence I consulted my doctor about some options abroad. He gave an idea of Laser Gallstone Surgery in India.

He also cited out some Nigerian patients who had medical treatments and surgeries including the Laser Gallstone Surgery in India. I called them and enquired about their experiences they had in India. They had nothing but praises about their journey for their respective treatment, this boosted my morale, and among them was one person who gave me the website address of a medical consultant called Forerunners Healthcare Group. I visited their website, and checked everything about Gallstone treatment and the package for Laser Gallstone Surgery in India. I found it quiet viable both in terms of economy and the number of facilities they provided, the group was worth to be called upon for my Laser Gallstone Surgery in India. I posed them my query and got a quick response from them, within a span of two days, I was given the right opinion from their panel of medical experts with package quiet less as compared to other places, which I just checked with other providers. So I had no reason to reject this offer and hence applied for the visa and got things done as required and hence soon reached for my Laser Gallstone Surgery in India.

On reaching, I found the arrangements done for my Laser Gallstone Surgery in India by Forerunners Healthcare Group incredible. I got a warm welcome from them at the airport and straight away was taken to the hospital, which was nothing less then a five star hotel. After settling down with the initial procedure, I met the surgeon who was scheduled to perform my Laser Gallstone Surgery in India. He discussed his course of action for the rest of the days and made me comfortable by answering all my doubts and apprehension. During my Laser Gallstone Surgery in India, the gallstone is viewed and then removed by a laser. Removing it by laser reduces trauma to the abdominal wall. It also includes removal of gallstones breaking it up by laser shock waves or dissolving them using medications made from bile acid. These methods are used if you have a condition that makes surgery risky. Thus in this way my surgeon carried out my smooth Laser Gallstone Surgery in India, giving me relief.

Following my Laser Gallstone Surgery in India, I was able to return to Nigeria the very same week and now completely fit and back to my normal life within a span of two weeks. Lastly, let me thank all of them who helped me relieve from my pain and gave me my life. Certainly, my medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Groups deserves all applauds for working out a successful treatment through one of the best medical team. I would indeed recommend them and the Laser Gallstone Surgery in India to my relatives and friends.

Thank you,

Ms. Elizabeth