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Mr. Sajid, UK
Liposuction with Tummy Tuck Surgery

Sajid khan’s experience of lipoplasty cum abdominoplasty at Goa in India

Sajid Khan a resident of UK tells about his experience of getting lipoplasty cum abdominoplasty at Goa in India. The surgery cost in India are less he knew that and he was also conversant with the availability of international standard quality of surgery in India so he approached an experienced cosmetic surgeon for his lipoplasty cum abdominoplasty at Goa in India through the medical assistanceof Forerunners Healthcare. Sajid needed a healing to get fat removal from body and reshaping of abdomen and his doctor had told him about the cosmetic procedures of lipoplasty and abdominoplastybut the expenses of multiple cosmetic procedures in UK were unaffordable so Sajid asked about getting surgery in abroad and he was reminded about Indian cosmetic surgeons.



Then after making an extensive search on the internet Sajid came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare and contacted Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani asking him about the availability of a trained cosmetic surgeon for a less cost lipoplasty cum abdominoplasty procedurethen after having a consultation with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. Sajid made his mind to go with Forerunners Healthcare and he got a medical date just after 1 day of having consultation with Dr. Bojwani. After having reached India and being welcomed by the members of Forerunners Healthcare in a warm way Sajid was introduced to his recommended cosmetic surgeon and he was assured of being provided realistic results. Sajid days “ I was not expectant of getting positive results in the beginning as I held English surgeons with a very high esteem but I was amazed to see the use of same modern cosmetic surgery techniques. That was being used in the UK so I became confident of the success of  my lipoplasty cum abdominoplasty at Goa in India. After a stay of 4 days I was given hospital discharge now I feel fine with my new looks free from fat deposits, cholesterol and my tummy is also in a fine shape. Thanks to Forerunners Healthcare for providing me an outpatient lipoplasty cum abdominoplasty at Goa in India within my budget.”

Sajid Khan