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Mr. Ricky Sablet- Florida, USA
Spine Surgery India

Spinal Arthritis surgery in India ideal procedure for candidates with symptoms like back pain and numbness


spinal arthritis surgery India, spinal arthritis surgery, spinal arthritis, spinal arthritis India All across the globe, people have realized the fact that India has emerged to be the best medical destination for various obvious reasons. Spinal Arthritis surgery in India and other medical treatments are performed with best of the medical facilities which one could find in developed nations like US or UK. We at Forerunners Healthcare Group had been expediting various medical treatments and surgeries including Spinal Arthritis surgery in India forf countless international patients. They come with a medical ailment take back home mesmerizing memories. Unlike others, Mr. Ricky Sablet from Florida- USA also visited for his Spinal Arthritis surgery in India. He shares his wonderful experience for being in India for his treatment with us.



Do you know what hospitality is? Don’t know!, Better visit India, and I bet, you would feel the same, as I, Ricky Sablet from America is feeling, after my Spinal Arthritis surgery in India. I guess it was my good deed only which led me to India for my Spinal Arthritis surgery via the medical tourism company - Forerunners Healthcare Group. I really owe to them for making me free from my back pain. They entered in my life like an angle; otherwise, I still remember the mess I had around me. I witnessed back pain and numbness in the back, neck, head and shoulders. Bending and other everyday movements also caused pain. Numbness in the neck area was evident, while my daily chores and normal activities were getting difficult to perform each passing day. In other words, I was leading a miserable life. I immediately consulted the doctor nearby; the physician collected my medical history, performed a physical exam, during which, I was asked to do a few simple exercises in order to see the range of affected motion. These included bending forward, side-to-side and backwards. I was also asked to lie down and raise my legs. And I kept him informing the pain caused in these movements. After a couple of tests and X-ray, it was disclosed that I am suffering from Spinal Arthritis and would now require a Spinal Arthritis surgery to get rid of this ailment.

This wasn’t a good news for me, since I was knowing that getting my Spinal Arthritis surgery in America would be a difficult task to manage, thanks to a long list of patients and expensive medical affair. On my friend’s suggestion I browsed the internet to find a medical consultant called Forerunners Healthcare Group in India. After going through its site, I realized that the packages offered for various medical treatments including Spinal Arthritis surgery in India were quiet affordable and was within my reach, and traveling for this is an easy course of action. I then dropped them an e-mail about my Spinal Arthritis surgery in India. Interestingly, I got an instant reply followed by a call. The executive collected my medical history and reverted to me within 48 hours with some viable solutions pertaining to my Spinal Arthritis surgery in India.

Soon I was in India for my Spinal Arthritis surgery. Plans were perfect in India. I was immediately taken to the spine surgeon, who was supposed to perform my Spinal Arthritis surgery in India, discussed my case and got relieved after discussing my case with him. Also was glad to discover the ambience and state of art hospital where I was scheduled to be treated. During the Spinal Arthritis surgery in India, the patient is asleep under general anesthesia. Basically, a surgeon removes a portion of bone that is over the spine root, or a portion of the disc located under the spine root. This Spinal Arthritis surgery usually takes pressure off the nerve and provides ample space for healing. The spinal fusion surgery bone grafts are placed around the spine during surgery. The body then heals the grafts over several months – similar to healing a fracture – which joins, or “welds,” the vertebrae together. After Spinal Arthritis surgery, I was under constant suppervision of the doctors and nurses and I remained in the hospital for five days. Following Spinal Arthritis surgery, I experienced pain for a few weeks. But over-the-counter and prescription medications by the surgeon helped me to relieve the discomfort.

Now, after my Spinal Arthritis surgery in India, I am free from my back pain and resumed my normal daily activities. At this juncture, let me thank everyone including my medical consultant, and my surgeon who performed my Spinal Arthritis surgery in India. May God bless them all!

Thank you,

Mr. Ricky Sablet