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Spinal Fusion surgery in India: Comes with quality and state of art medical facilities

Mr. Mohammed Rasool, Iraq
Spine Surgery for his mother

Spinal Fusion surgery in India is available with high quality and state of art facilities and of course with affordable price. Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy is one of the leading medical tourism companies of India. In the past few years, we have build up as brand in the field of medical tourism. Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home pleasant memories. Recently, Mr. Mohammed Rasool’s mother had her Spinal Fusion surgery in India. He shares his experience of coming to India for his mother’s surgery.

Mohammad Rasool says – “The purpose of writing this testimonial is to thank you very kindly for everything you have done for my mother’s surgery and treatment. I am lucky enough to find Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy my medical tourism consultancy company from India who arranged the entire Spinal Fusion surgery in India for my mother. Due to her old age, my mother was complaining of her back pain past few months. Consulted a doctor back in Iraq he prescribed some medicines but that did not help her. Firstly, finding a doctor in Iraq is difficult in itself and finding a good one is out of question. Waiting and searching for a good spine doctor in Iraq was of no use and treatment was an urgent need as my mother was facing huge difficulty and pain. Lost of clues or idea what to do next, I called my cousin who stays in UK for information for my mother’s back problem and disc problem treatment. However, I was quite amazed to hear her refering and prefering India more than UK. She said that India has emerged as a huge medical tourism company that provides quality surgery and treatment at a price that is affordable to middle class people pockets.

I was fortunate to come across Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy from India through my initial internet search. From my initial enquiry when I e-mailed my mother’s MRI results to the executives of Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy India, I was amazed at rapid replies to my e mails and within 3 weeks we were in India for the operation. From the moment I reached for my mother’s Spinal Fusion surgery in India, the treatment and hospitality that we received was outstanding. We were picked up at the airport by an executive of Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy. He welcomed us and was very pleasant; we then went straight to the hospital where we met the spine surgeon who was scheduled to have my mother’s Spinal Fusion surgery in India. I noticed that there were no language barriers as everyone speaks perfect English. Soon the day for my mother’s Spinal Fusion surgery in India emerged.

A Spinal fusion surgery is a surgery that is done to link together two or more vertebrae. When there is a problem with the vertebrae as in my mother’s case, hence the doctor recommended her to go for a spine fusion to eliminate the motion that occurs within that portion of the spine. By linking together the vertebrae, your doctor is trying to eliminate the source of your back problem. During spine fusion surgery, the surgeon attempt to stimulate bone growth between the vertebrae. Once new bone forms, the vertebrae will be linked together, and there should be no further movement between the fused segments. As part of the process to perform spine fusion, the surgeon went for spinal instrumentation wherein the surgeon placed metal within the spine to hold the vertebral bones together. Spinal instrumentation exists in many different types. The surgeon will recommend a particular type of instrumentation, depending on many factors including the underlying problem being treated, the age of the patient, the number of levels of the spine being fused, and other factors. The entire Spinal Fusion surgery in India of my mother went smooth.

My mother stayed in the hospital for 3 days after having her Spinal fusion surgery in India. The surgeon suggested that the repaired spine should be kept in the right position to maintain alignment. She received pain medicines in the hospital for her pain management. She was taught how to move properly and how to sit, stand, and walk and was told to use a "log-rolling" technique when getting out of bed. This means that she can move her entire body at once, without twisting her spine. When she left the hospital, she had to wear a back brace. When we returned to Iraq, she made sure that she followed all the instructions by her spine surgeon. After couple of weeks following her Spinal Fusion surgery in India now, she is all right, hale and hearty. I extend my words of gratitude to my medical consultant Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy and the medical team who successfully performed her Spinal Fusion surgery in India

Thank you so much
Mr. Mohammed Rasool

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